Red Light Holland's Science and Innovation Division, Scarlette Lillie, Announces Collaboration with Jinfiniti Precision Medicine to Pursue Clinical Study Insights


Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - September 30, 2020) - Red Light Holland Corp. (CSE: TRIP) (FSE: 4YX) (OTC: TRUFF) ("Red Light Holland" or the "Company"), an Ontario-based corporation positioning itself to engage in the production, growth and sale of its brand of magic truffles to the legal, recreational market within the Netherlands, is pleased to announce that its science division, Scarlette Lillie Science and Innovation ("Scarlette Lillie"), has secured a relationship with Jinfiniti Precision Medicine ("Jinfiniti") in order to explore the potential roles that psilocybin and truffles can play for age-related and psychiatric disorders. Jinfiniti has created a world class "AgingSOS" test panel that can detect key factors from blood that drive aging and other genetic instabilities. The speed and affordability of this test can allow for both company's Scientists to clearly evaluate the potential for psilocybin treatments that go beyond what is currently being explored. The CEO of Jinfiniti is Dr. Jin-Xiong She, a professor at Augusta University in Georgia, USA, whose expertise is in the creation of biomarker panels. Jinfiniti's state of the art panel is making it possible to extend the applicability of psilocybin.

"We are pleased to work with Scarlette Lillie, and we are excited to add this special dimension to their clinical study explorations as they emerge," says Dr. She, CEO of Jinfiniti.

"The idea that psilocybin and truffles have deep physiological and medicinal effects that go beyond psychiatric applications is not new, but as a scientist, Scarlette Lillie is allowing me to truly explore whole new markets, with a rigorous biomarker panel. Additionally, this work has the potential to help us understand if there are unknown mechanisms at play for neurological and psychiatric disorders," says Dr. Joseph Geraci, CEO of NetraMark Corp. and a scientific advisor to Red Light Holland. Dr. Geraci is helping to establish several clinical programs. He brings a deep knowledge of systems biology, medical science, and artificial intelligence to the team.

This relationship with Jinfiniti will allow Scarlette Lillie to add a novel component to expected clinical studies for psilocybin and truffles. The knowledge that comes from this has the potential to not only influence the outcome of clinical studies but can also potentially lead to novel treatments for several disorders.

"When you see brilliant Scientists like Dr. Joseph Geraci and Dr. Jin-Xiong She, a professor at Augusta University, show this much excitement, it gets me really excited!" Added Todd Shapiro, CEO and Director of Red Light Holland. "I've always made it very clear that as a company we take Science and Innovation very seriously. This is just another example of Scarlette Lillie moving forward intelligently with world class experts to hopefully help be a part of positive change."

About Jinfiniti Precision Medicine

Jinfiniti is a precision medicine company that aims to increase the human healthspan. Using measures of key blood biomarkers, Jinfiniti is able to provide a detailed overview of individual aging health. Composed of researchers who met at the Medical College of Georgia, the Jinfiniti team is dedicated to the prevention of chronic disease and the promotion of longevity. Their novel approach to anti-aging practices involves conducting lab tests to measure aging biomarkers within the blood. This information then helps to guide individual lifestyle adjustments, leading to improved health and quality of life.

Jin-Xiong She, Ph.D., Professor at Augusta University Founder & CEO Jinfiniti Precision Medicine, Inc. 1120 15th Street, Augusta, GA 30912

About Red Light Holland Corp.

RLH is an Ontario-based corporation positioning itself to engage in the production, growth and sale of its brand of magic truffles to the legal, recreational market within the Netherlands, in accordance with the highest standards, in compliance with all applicable laws. The Company's brand of magic truffles are expected to be sold in the Netherlands through existing Smart Shops as well as its e-commerce platform, and are expected to be initially made available in the form of its previously announced Microdosing Packs.

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