RAMSAY SANTE : Agreement reached with the government on funding of private hospitals


PRESS RELEASEParis, 3 June 2024

Agreement reached with the government on funding of private hospitals

After two months of mass mobilisation and intense discussions with the government, a compromise was reached on 24 May 2024 between the government and the Federation of private clinics and hospitals, set out in a letter of commitment from the delegate Ministry of Health.

The Government's commitment includes, first and foremost, the principle of equal treatment between the private and public hospital sectors, which is a major step forward for all private hospitals, of which Ramsay Santé is the leading player.

It also specifies that a multi-year agreement on tariffs for the period 2025-2027 should be finalised by mid-July 2024, as well as increased access for the private sector to regional funding (FIR and MIGAC) from which it was almost previously excluded. As well, the allocation to private-sector employees of the so-called "Borne" salary measures for night duty, Sundays and public holidays, as well as the alignment of on-call allowances for doctors between the private and public sectors. Private hospitals will also be able to benefit from the full impact of the tax credit for competitiveness and employment (crédit d'impôt pour la compétitivité et l'emploi - CICE), as well as the equitable redistribution between the private and public sectors of funding earmarked for hospitals in the event of under-execution of the ONDAM budget.

These elements, without being exhaustive, form the basis of a renewed relationship between the various healthcare players and the government.

Ramsay Santé and the self-employed doctors in its establishments have taken note of these important advances, and remain vigilant to ensure that all the proposals in the agreement are respected and have an impact.

This historic move, which involved the 1,030 private clinics and hospitals where more than 40,000 doctors and specialists work, strengthened the unity of our sector, which must remain an essential and indispensable pillar of access to quality care for all French people throughout the country.

About Ramsay SantéRamsay Santé is leader in private hospitalisation and primary care in Europe. The Group has 38,000 employees and works with nearly 9,300 practitioners to treat more than 12 million patients per year in its 465 facilities and 5 countries: France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Italy. Ramsay Santé offers almost all medical and surgical specialities in three domains: Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics (MSO), Follow-up Care and Rehabilitation (FCR) and Mental Health.

Legally, Ramsay Santé is a mission-driven company committed to constantly improving the health of all patients through innovation. Wherever it operates, the Group contributes to public health service missions and the healthcare network. Through its actions and the constant dedication of its teams, Ramsay Santé is committed to ensuring the entire patient care journey, from prevention to follow-up care.

Every year, the group invests over 200 million euros in innovation to support the evolution and diversity of care pathways, in medical, hospital, digital, and administrative aspects. Through this commitment, our Group enhances access to care for all, commits to provides best-in-class healthcare, systematically engages in dialogue with stakeholders and strives to protect the planet to improve health.

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