PackagePortal Is Excited to Announce the Expansion of Their Crypto-Based Delivery Verification and Feedback Platform


Phoenix, Arizona--(Newsfile Corp. - March 3, 2022) - PackagePortal is excited to announce the expansion of their crypto-based delivery verification and feedback platform.

PackagePortal was founded to create novel solutions for the logistics industry, an industry plagued for ages by fraud, rug pull scams, and regulatory uncertainty. Their solutions are crypto-based, a growing trend in the space, but what sets them apart is their ability to provide a truly seamless user experience - a rarity indeed, when at the ecosystem level, the user experience often leaves a lot to be desired.

From setting up a wallet and securing private keys, to the need for new entrants to add banking details to buy from exchanges and spend gas for transaction fees, the user experience in the world of digital sovereignty is more similar to the dial-up internet world of two decades ago. Rather than a seamless, easy experience, it's full of new and intimidating concepts for users to grasp.

PackagePortal has recently been shortlisted for an international design award from a prestigious awarding body, which is already a great achievement within a space fraught with clunky flows and dangerous entrapments. Now, they are working to deploy two first-of-their-kind integrations: Web3Auth and Meta Transactions- which will be a huge boon to activity, removing the two biggest hurdles for new entrants into crypto markets.

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PackagePortal: The Story

PackagePortal is the brainchild of CEO, J.G. Whitley, a seasoned entrepreneur with decades of eCommerce experience and a particular knack for understanding logistics. Having already scaled a retail delivery company in the Phoenix area that's still in operation, he developed a unique level of intimacy with last-mile logistics. Leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts to create multifaceted solutions to industry-wide inefficiencies was thus a natural next step. He is supported by his CTO and co-founder, Gabriel Chaney, a full-stack engineer with over a decade of experience in leading software teams through fast-paced execution, having been the primary lead of two previous startup acquisitions.

PackagePortal was originally launched in June 2019, after which the founders spent over a year in development before launching an alpha version of the mobile app. Within this time, they experienced their biggest period of growth, during which PackagePortal experienced an explosive increase in users in 2 months - from just under 500 to just over 500,000.

One year after the November 2020 release of the MVP, they went live with a completely new app, rebuilt from the ground up. Since December 2021, they have also been offering full serviceability for retailers, reducing the cost they pay for delivery confirmations by up to 97% and giving them tools to engage with their customer base in a new and exciting way.

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It's all built around a belief that the advancement of Web3 tech is so fast, with new ideas and technologies launching every week, that staying on the pulse of innovation is the only way forward. When they launched, DeFi wasn't a thing, but now it's a core part of the movement for crypto-obsessed users looking to reclaim sovereignty over their data in a new and trustless way.

An exciting future for the logistics industry

PackagePortal fuses both concepts into a single platform that's both carrier and brand agnostic, reducing resource expenditure for retailers and incentivizing consumers to take part through relevant, useful rewards. This effectively provides users with picks and shovels that enable them to grow their position in crypto, long before tokenization and NFTs become a standard part of daily life, whether the goal is to gain entry to an event or have an even more legitimized way to prove ownership of a property deed.

From a platform perspective, their offering takes the form of an online dashboard and a mobile app. Their Merchant Dashboard enables merchants and retailers to view and aggregate consumer generated feedback in any way they'd like. While the mobile app - whose intuitive UI has made it a popular consumer tool - is one part of their offering, the core part of their offering is a subscription-based membership for merchants and retailers that enables them to have a direct feedback loop from their consumers for each and every shipment ordered. For Keoni CBD, this means their ongoing ability to provide top-notch service, in part through increasing accountability standards for packaging and logistics vendors, is much easier to maintain.

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Indeed, tokenizing rewards for loyalty and continued patronage enables their partners to differentiate their brand from competitors, and thus lead the charge into the digital revolution and merging with the metaverse. As with many projects in this industry, the earliest adopters have the most to gain in the long run, but through their upcoming two integrations, Web3Auth and Meta Transactions, PackagePortal is also aiming at becoming a household name for the mass market.

Web3Auth allows users to join and create a non-custodial wallet immediately, using their email or Google account to sign in, unique in the industry not just because of the speed, but also because the wallet will truly belong to the user, not to PackagePortal or a third party. Meta Transactions, on the other hand, use various calls within a smart contract to enable users to claim earnings and swap tokens without the need for gas.

PackagePortal has deservedly built a responsive and loyal community with a reputation for word-of-mouth recommendation, a quality which has brought them intense levels of organic growth. In addition, being recognized for leadership in their industry within a design context has also given them something to be proud of, alongside their ability to empower people during the final stage of the eCommerce fulfillment cycle.

What's in the pipeline?

After releasing their Web3Auth and Meta Transaction integrations, PackagePortal's next update will entail Gmail and Amazon integrations, along with NFT support and Bitcoin rewards, but their roadmap also includes exciting features from advertising, customer service integrations, in-store display audits, and a driver app, alongside a host of large-scale strategic partnerships, building on the foundation they've created with partners like Keoni CBD. Furthering this partnership and paving the way for more, they'll also be releasing consumer survey functionality, which will give users yet another way to engage and earn, beyond when they receive their packages.

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Their long-term goal is to see delivery data silos in their current form (guarded and fact-checked by biased carriers) implode upon themselves, and draw merchants and consumers closer together than ever before. This will herald a new era of accountability, in which consumers are empowered to receive better service and honest data just by the self-reinforcing nature of their system - which they aim to make easier to use from a UX perspective than anything that came before it.

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