New equity right for trading, Twiik TO2 (356/22)


At the request of Twiik AB, equity rights in Twiik will be traded on First North as from July 22, 2022.


Security name: Twiik AB TO2
Short name: Twiik TO2
ISIN code: SE0018041030
Orderbook ID: 262431
Terms: Each Warrant entitles the holder the right to subscribe for one (1) new share in the Company. The subscription price for subscription of shares with the support of Warrants amounts to 70 percent of the volume-weighted average price for the Company’s share during a period of 10 trading days prior to 13 February 2023, not less than the quota value for the share (SEK 0.50 as of today) and not more than SEK 2.00. The subscription price is rounded up to two decimals. The exercise period for subscription of shares with the support of the Warrants will run from and including 13 February 2023 up to and including 24 February 2023.
Subscription period: 13 February 202324 February 2023
Last trading day: 8 February 2023

This information is distributed at the request of the Certified Adviser, Mangold Fondkommission AB. For further information, please call Mangold Fondkommission AB at +46 8 5277 5020.