New Book Offers Humorous Take on Golf Obsession


How to Quit Golf (and Get Your Life Back) is Danny Cahill’s ode to the sport many love and even more obsess over

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Greenleaf Book Group Press is pleased to announce that they have released the ultimate book for the golf-obsessed reader. How to Quit Golf (and Get Your Life Back) by Danny Cahill is a humorous and lighthearted salute to those who spend most of their day thinking about their swing or the next time they will be back on the green. The book is currently the number one bestselling book in the Sports Humor category on Amazon.


Part social satire/commentary; part clever psychological study, How to Quit Golf takes a humorous dive into the game of golf and its intoxicating hold on those who love it. The book opens with a quiz to determine one’s obsession with the sport. A few determining factors include:


  • Do you show your golf scorecards to, well, uh... anyone?
  • At dinner, do you find yourself practicing your grip on your utensils?
  • Look above you. Are there marks on the ceilings of your house because you can’t help but try to “bust one” even when you’re indoors and there is no ball?
  • Have you taken to reflexively calling your children “pards”?


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How to Quit Golf (and Get Your Life Back) is available now everywhere books are sold.

An enjoyable and hilarious read for any golf fanatic, Cahill’s comic treatment of middle-age reckoning told through the lens of an obsessed golfer also takes a deep dive into the sport's ecosystem and its inherent appeal (and silliness?). Cahill’s powers of observation will impress readers as he unravels golf’s ability to entice like no other endeavor — and how to ultimately let go and preserve what matters.


Danny is an author, staffing industry leader, motivational speaker, career coach, and of course, a golfer. Readers will see themselves in Cahill’s hero — they've thought his thoughts, shared his fears, and dealt with the effects on their family. How to Quit Golf will make golfers laugh, but also feel completely heard and understood.


How to Quit Golf (and Get Your Life Back) is available now everywhere books are sold. To learn more about Danny, visit his website.


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