Nasdaq Clearing to host EMIR Refit webinars


Nasdaq Clearing will host webinars dedicated to the implementation of the EMIR Refit reporting obligation. Three webinars are planned, however this could change depending on Clearing Member feedback. The first webinar is scheduled for Thursday 28th of September at 2:00 PM (GMT +2:00), please see agenda below. 

  • Timeline for external test, Nasdaq Clearing reporting handbook, etc.
  • Nasdaq Clearing’s approach to the transition period
  • Potential changes to the Clearing Rulebook and API feed
  • Counterparty 2 fields
  • Updates to member level reports, i.e. ‘mirror files’ and CCP Harmonised file
  • Nasdaq delegated reporting services for EMIR Refit
  • Q&A session, Clearing Member input, and next steps

Please register to the first EMIR Refit webinar using the following link:

The second and third webinar will include more detailed information on valuation and margin reporting, reporting scenarios, specific fields such as RTN and UTI, etc. Further information regarding the later webinars, such as date and registration links, will be distributed via emails to those that register to the first webinar. If you do not register to the first webinar, but would like to join the later webinars, please contact Clearing Operations.

For additional information concerning this notice, or suggestions to the agenda, contact Clearing Operations, telephone +46 8 405 68 80, or