Macquarie Asset Management expands active US ETF platform with launch of large-cap growth ETF


PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Macquarie Asset Management today announced the launch of the Macquarie Focused Large Growth ETF (LRGG), which began trading on the NYSE Arca today. The new offering is managed by the firm’s large-cap growth team, Bradley Klapmeyer and Bradley Angermeier, as they bring their quality-first investment philosophy to clients looking for more flexibility and choice in investment vehicles.

Macquarie Asset Management launched its first three active ETFs in November 2023 – the Macquarie Global Listed Infrastructure ETF (BILD), the Macquarie Energy Transition ETF (PWER) and the Macquarie Tax-Free USA Short Term ETF (STAX). The LRGG ETF will be the firm’s fourth ETF, complementing the existing strategies and expanding everyday access to active investments for investors.

“By adding LRGG to our platform, we’re excited to bring the expertise of our large-cap growth team and their capabilities to the ETF market,” said Anthony Caruso, Head of ETF Strategy, Macquarie Aset Management. “This ETF complements our existing BILD, PWER and STAX solutions, as we offer a diverse suite of solutions to meet the evolving needs of today’s investors.”

The managers’ concentrated portfolio is constructed using a two-sided quality analysis process that includes qualitative fundamental research complimented by quantitative quality analysis. Qualitative aspects focus on a research-driven, bottom-up approach to assess industry structure, competitive advantage, management strength and long-term potential. Quantitative analysis emphasizes the level and trajectory of key quality characteristics including returns on capital, asset efficiency, margins, cash flow, stability, and organic growth.

“Our philosophy and investment approach are rooted in the belief that quality-first investing, through a focused portfolio, is the best path to durable compounding results,” said Bradley Klapmeyer, senior portfolio manager, Macquarie Asset Management. “Our internal team of subject matter experts conduct rigorous fundamental research to identify companies we believe possess sustainable competitive advantages, the essential characteristic that enables persistent and superior levels of long-term profitability and growth.”

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