Laqirace: The World's First Drive2earn Blockchain Game


Dubai, United Arab Emirates--(Newsfile Corp. - January 20, 2022) - The Laqira project team managed to announce and release the first drive-to-earn gameFi on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), namely Laqirace, among immersive blockchain games with impressive play-to-earn features evolving day by day. Cryptography-based blockchain games have recently received great attention from digital gaming industries and enthusiasts all over the world. 

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TOBTC Trading LLC, under the management of Sina Osivand, has recently launched the powerful Laqira project after several years of successful experience in financial (Forex since 2009) as well as cryptocurrency markets (since 2016). Using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for buying and selling, players can trade with other players via in-game customization options and get awarded in the form of in-game currency. Laqira is an NFT metaverse token whose marketplace will soon be officially launched. In addition, a blockchain game as well as several relevant events are to be included in the project. However, the most exciting part of this project has something to do with an open-world metaverse game, details of which will be announced in the coming weeks.

In partnership with one of the best gaming companies, the Laqira project team invested $ 8.5 million dollars to build and develop the Laqirace, pointed out by the project founder, Sina Osivand. The game is supposed to launch shortly after the NFT marketplace is live for trading, which is fortunately in its final phase of development at present.

Specific Features of Laqirace

The game consists of different modes including fast competitions, online leagues, and offline games in stages with two gaming forms of racing and battlefield. The racing part is either in the form of a racetrack for offline competitors with artificial intelligence to drive their own car or online users who not only control the racetrack, but also use various power-ups just in a timely manner, aiding them in overtaking other competitors. In other words, when playing offline, it is the artificial intelligence which, based on the gaming conditions, controls the game at different difficulty levels and the stage in which the player is. However, in the battlefield, the players try to attack other gamers and protect themselves from their counterattacks using the game power-ups.

The online and offline modes of the game enjoy the same gameplay patterns in which the game rules, characters, connection between player and the game, etc., change with the mechanics of the game. Moreover, the game can be played single player solo, or with multiple players, in online or offline leagues. Interestingly, many attractive elements and objects have been designed for the players for the purpose of saving their time as well as helping them display a better picture of their given character.

The in-game NFTs

The in-game NFT items include such options as changing the structure of the cars, the appearance of the characters, and even the UI of the gamers as well as the impact of a gamer's car on the gaming environment. By paying Laqira token, the gamers can increasingly enjoy playing the game, which provides a more pleasant gaming atmosphere. The greatest change is in their interaction with other in-game players, creating a trivial change in the game mechanics so as to make it more interesting even for those unable to pay.

Another outstanding feature of the Laqirace is that it is a hyper- compact game compared to its content which highlights its difference from other similar games in the crypto market.

The First 3D d2e Game

Describing the game specifications, Mr. Osivand, added: "It's actually the world's first 3D drive-to-earn game consisting of different consecutive phases such as selling cars and various characters, advertising billboards, etc., in the NFT marketplace of Laqira where the gamers can play the gameFi to get rewarded The online facet and characters' control by the gamers as well as the cars' mechanics have also been designed in a way as to provide the best compatibility with different cellphones (Android & iOS) in the first phase and, console-based platforms as well as Pcs in the second phase."

Countdown to Laqirace Launch

Laqirace is not supposed to be the last in Laqira powerful gaming project since they are planning to investigate and develop a unique open-world metaverse game with unlimited features where players can trade NFT lands and improve their own business whose details will be soon released.

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