Getlink: Combined General Meeting on 7 May 2024


PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Regulatory News:

The Board of Directors, at its meeting on 28 February 2024 under the chairmanship of Jacques Gounon, decided to convene the ordinary and extraordinary General Meeting of Getlink (Paris:GET) shareholders on 7 May 20241. To mark the thirtieth anniversary of the Channel Tunnel, the General Meeting will be held in Paris.

The Board of Directors has decided the financial resolutions that will be proposed to the shareholders, as well as those relating to the remuneration of the Directors, Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer. It is proposed that shareholders vote on a 10% increase in the dividend to €0.55 per share.

The terms of office of Sharon Flood and Jean-Marc Janaillac, which expire at the end of this general meeting, will be proposed for renewal for the term of four years and Jean Mouton’s co-option to the Board of Directors in 2023 will be submitted for ratification at this general meeting.

The Board of Directors has reaffirmed the value it attaches to the separation of the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors and that of Chief Executive Officer and also to the performance of Jacques Gounon and Yann Leriche in the exercise of their respective duties:

- With regard to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, in the interests of clarity for shareholders and the market, the Board of Directors wished to set the term of office of the Chairman and to propose to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders that the provisions of Article 19 of the Articles of Association2 be amended so as to replace the annual renewal option available to the Board of Directors beyond the age limit with a cut-off date namely that of the expiry of the current term of office as director: the Chairman of the Board of Directors, who has reached the age of 70, will serve as Chairman until the end of his current term of office, i.e. until the end of the General Meeting called to approve the financial statements for the year ending 31 December 2025

- With regard to the Chief Executive Officer, the Board of Directors unanimously decided to renew the term of office of Yann Leriche as Chief Executive Officer for a period of four years from the scheduled expiry of his term of office on 1 July 2024.

These appointments will help to maintain and consolidate Getlink's strong expertise.

The Combined General Meeting will be held on 7 May 2024 at 10.00 a.m. in Paris at 28 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris.


About Getlink

Getlink SE (Euronext Paris: GET), through its subsidiary Eurotunnel, is the concession holder for the Channel Tunnel infrastructure until 2086 and operates Truck and Passenger Shuttle services (cars and coaches) between Folkestone (UK) and Calais (France). Since 31 December 2020 Eurotunnel has been developing the smart border to ensure that the Tunnel remains the fastest, most reliable, easiest, and most environmentally friendly way to cross the Channel. Since it opened in 1994, almost 500 million people and more than 102 million vehicles have travelled through the Channel Tunnel. This unique land link, which carries 25% of trade between the Continent and the UK, has become a vital link, reinforced by the ElecLink electricity interconnector installed in the Tunnel, which helps to balance the energy needs between France and the UK. Getlink completes its sustainable mobility services with its rail freight subsidiary Europorte. Committed to "low carbon" services that control their impact on the environment (through its activities, the Group avoids the equivalent of 1.9 million tonnes of CO2 per year), Getlink has made the place of people, nature and territories a central concern.

1 The notice of meeting will be published in the BALO (Bulletin des Annonces Légales et Obligatoires) on 6 March 2024 and will be available on the Company's website. 2 The current version of Article 19 of the Articles of Association stipulates that the Chairman's term of office expires on the date of the ordinary general meeting called to approve the financial statements for the year in which the age limit (70) is reached. However, the Board of Directors may keep the Chairman in office and renew his term of office for further annual periods, up to a maximum of five. The Board has confirmed its wish to keep the Chairman in office until the end of his term as director, i.e. until the 2026 Annual General Meeting and has proposed a clarification of the Articles of Association to this effect.

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