Exvisa Launches Immigration App Designed to Change How People Move Across the Globe


DUSSELDORF, GERMANY, Jan 27, 2020 - (ACN Newswire) - - Exvisa GmbH is proud to announce the launch of its new immigration app, designed to change how people move across the globe in an increasingly digital world. Tolga Akcay, Exvisa CEO, says his company is transforming the immigration system, along with its counterparts, emigration and relocation. Exvisa is a comprehensive technology that effectively and safely digitizes our passports, visas, and immigration information, transforming the way that people look at traveling, immigrating, and crossing borders.

"Exvisa is more than a simple digitization process for your visa or your passport - it's a comprehensive travel technology that makes it easier than ever before for businesses and state entities to search for potential beneficial immigrants - those who possess certain skillsets or experience that are in need. In addition, Exvisa is the world's most secure, safe, and protected digital travel platform, with cryptonizing technology specifically designed to ensure that your documents cannot be hacked, stolen, or compromised.

"First, let's talk about the most advanced level of immigration protection that countries can now take advantage of thanks to this new technology. Because Exvisa digitizes and cryptonizes travel documents like visas and passports, countries can leverage the tremendous power of the intelligent system to effectively control relocation, immigration, or emigrations processes through a series of user-intuitive parameters that give authorities the comprehensive control that they've always wanted.

"Exvisa was built on the world's most advanced intelligent system to ensure that it could offer a wide range of benefits that extended far beyond the process of digitizing documents. I wanted it to have a real-world application. So far, we've seen first-hand just how powerful of a resource it can be for countries who want to gain more comprehensive control over their immigration, relocation, and emigration procedures. The system makes it easier for authorities to ensure that all necessary documents are legitimate and applicable for any new immigrants, while also helping to reduce any risks associated with immigration," says Tolga.

Exvisa can also be applied by large international corporations and employed as a talent acquisition or talent screening resource. For outsourcing needs, companies can utilize the power of Exvisa to identify specialized professionals in other countries whom they may want to recruit for their own purposes. For instance, if your business in Germany is running short on, say, programmers, you can work with countries like the US or China to cover your shortage and ensure that you have access to the talent that you need to deliver your services.

In the next few years, Exvisa will likely become the new standard instrument for immigration, relocation, and emigration. With the most advanced levels of security and protection, widespread application for businesses, comprehensive immigration control for government entities, and an easier, more convenient means for people looking to immigrate, emigrate, or relocate, Exvisa successfully leverages the power of intelligent digital technology to bring a much-needed solution to an increasingly complicated global problem.

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