Ei4Change Launches Training Course to Enhance Emotional Intelligence for People in Leadership Positions


Turton, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - June 22, 2022) - Ei4Change has launched an online emotional intelligence course that can help people become better leaders. According to Forbes, a Spanish study that focused on professionals found that emotional intelligence was a significant predictor of individual salaries. Another study found that 69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized. Firms with engaged employees were 22% more profitable. An organizational culture that is dominated by fear and pressure to achieve targets will hamper productivity. 79% of employees quit due to a lack of appreciation. These statistics show that people perform better when they are more engaged and more content.

To a significant extent, leaders drive the emotional climate in an organization. Every person sees the world in a different way based on their background and experiences. In the workplace, such differences can become quite intense and could potentially lead to conflict. Emotional intelligence skills can be used to recognize how people operate and manage differences positively to get better outcomes. Leaders who have a higher level of emotional intelligence make an effort to actively listen, ask more questions and act on constructive criticism. Such leaders serve as a psychological safety net to their subordinates as they remain calm under pressure, manage conflict better and make more thoughtful decisions.

Ei4Change's emotional intelligence course for leaders helps people to understand how they can manage the emotions of the people they work with much more efficiently and effectively. It increases their level of self-awareness so that they can work on the areas that need to be minimized. They can better understand themselves as leaders by identifying what they are good at and the areas they need to improve in. Taking the course would give them insights into what motivates others and empathize with them to a better degree.

Commenting on the Ei4Change course for leaders, Robin Hills, Director and online course creator at Ei4Change said, "Our course "Applied Emotional Intelligence: The Human Side of Leadership," is one of our best-selling courses. When it comes to a leader, a high level of emotional intelligence matters more than technical excellence. No one likes working for a mean and argumentative boss; however good he might be from a technical standpoint. Our course can help people to refine their emotional intelligence skills to lead from the heart with understanding and empathy to become better leaders."

Media Contact Name: Robin Hills Email: info@ei4change.com

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