Dream Chasers Capital meets with Carver Bancorp (NASDAQ: CARV) for talks


Fund reiterate its $3.25 offer-also propose the bank merge with a Minority Broker Dealer

NEW YORK, Jan. 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On January 24, 2024, Dream Chasers met with the Board of Directors of Nasdaq listed Carver Bancorp

The fund made the following ask at its meeting with the Board:

  1. That the bank and Dream Chases start the immediate drafting of a Share Purchase Agreement for the acquisition of 35% of the common shares of Carver Bancorp stock.
  2. Propose a merger between Carver Bancorp and an already identified Wall Street based minority owned broker dealer –a transaction it believes would instantly transform the bank from a 75-year-old depository institution into a more full-service financial service company offering minority communities more wealth building services brokerage account which would give the banks customers the ability to now buy and sell Stocks, Options, Efts , Bonds, and also raise money to finance business start-ups and expansions.
  3. Ending its reliance on sending its customers to get mortgages and payments services like Zelle offered by competitors like JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley and instead start originating more of those services inhouse thus keeping most of the potential revenues or profits for itself.
  4. Award several board seats to Dream Chaser Capital and partners.
  5. Accept a Stock option buyout grant program for some or all Board members.
  6. Appoint certain Dream Chasers recommend personnel to its management team 

Dream Chasers gave the Board a definitive period to act.

Dream Chasers want to say the following to the banks board:

Shareholders own companies and their interest should always come first.

That a company can serve its community and make money at the same time

Management and boards of public companies should have skin in the game.

Major shareholders earn a right to be on the Boards of companies to advocate for all shareholders

Current stock market shareholders large and small expect management to get a deal done with Dream Chasers. As such,  the fund believes any  continued rejectionist, diversionary and  obstructionist behavior by the Carver Board to Dream Chasers $3.25 for 35% offer --which would raise millions in much needed capital for the bank to grow its balance sheet, and as a part of that deal, bring in a  broker dealer, bring in a new set of executive talent and board members that the fund believes would help the bank turn into a multi-billion dollar in deposit and assets institution, potentially growing revenues and profits significantly in an accretive way thus benefiting shareholders -risk a broad revolution from a large percent of the bank's shareholder base, communities of color watching and even some rank and file and key employees.

By been so public with its $3.25 per share offer to take a controlling interest, Dream Chasers seeks to rally support in -whatever form that may come–from civil society builders, like-minded shareholders, activist of all stripes, financial executives, corporations, current Carver bank employees, social media influences, celebrities, professional athletes, entertainers, business titans, future depositors and clients and all constituents who have a vested interest in seeing communities of color build generational wealth through the emergence of a national banking champion like Carver helping communities of color do their savings, invest in the stock market, plan for retirement, get easier access to mortgages, raise capital for minority startups and employ a whole new generation of new young minority bankers and Financial service professionals. Dream Chasers believes the proposed Carver/broker dealer tie-up is the first seed in the bank acquiring many other types of financial service companies, like insurance, investment banking, and others. 

Dream Chaser suggests management does not take any anti-dilutive and anti-takeover measures that could be detrimental to shareholders and communities of color.

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Disclaimer: Nothing in this press release should be considered an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy shares of any securities or to make any investments of any kind.

Shareholders should be vigilant

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