SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- (OTC Pink: CETI), Cyber Enviro-Tech, Inc. (CETI) is pleased to announce its exclusive disinfection biochemicals and processes designed for the meat and food processing industries. The meatpacking industry, notorious for its environmental impact, utilizes vast amounts of water, averaging between 1 to 2 million gallons per plant daily across over 2,000 facilities nationwide. These plants discharge water contaminated with blood, oil, grease, fats, ammonia, dangerous fecal bacteria, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, posing significant challenges for local water treatment facilities.

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CETI has engaged Texas Tech University led by Dr. Markus Miller, the Distinguished Chair in Meat Science for nearly two decades, to conduct full-scale testing of its products and processes. The comprehensive tests, spanning over many months, at a cost of $150,000, have provided crucial insights. With over 30 years of experience in the cattle, meatpacking, dairy farms, and related industries, Dr. Miller expresses enthusiasm for CETI's cost-effective approach which remediates and recycles water to create a far more environmentally sound process especially in the meat packing sector. 

"I am excited to collaborate with Cyber Enviro-Tech," said Dr. Miller. "Their cutting-edge technology aligns with my passion for sustainability in the meatpacking industry. I look forward to providing strategic guidance and working closely with their team to achieve our shared goals of effective water remediation and recycling."

CETI's primary objective is to ensure thorough sanitization of all surfaces in contact with meat, with a specific emphasis on eliminating pathogens directly affecting the meat. Test results, conducted in collaboration with the Texas Tech University Meat Science Department, have demonstrated impressive results. These findings demonstrate not only significant pathogen destruction upon application but also a sustained residual effect lasting over 48 hours, surpassing current industry standards in both efficacy and duration.

While existing industry practices rely on chemicals meeting FDA and EPA regulations, with high pathogen elimination rates, there remains a risk of undetected pathogens leading to product recalls. CETI's biochemicals not only adhere to regulatory standards but also offer distinct advantages. They provide exceptional germ eradication upon initial application, followed by continuous pathogen-killing efficacy for at least 48 hours. Additionally, these biocides are fully biodegradable, ensuring environmentally friendly disposal. Texas Tech University is also engaged in defining testing parameters for various applications across vegetable, fruit, fish, and all meat markets.

"This breakthrough represents a significant advancement in CETI's proprietary technologies, promising enhanced safety and efficiency in sanitation practices within the meat and food industries," stated Kim D. Southworth, Chief Executive Officer. "Given the scale of these industries, the potential cost savings and positive environmental impact could be substantial."

For further inquiries or to obtain initial test results from Texas Tech University parameters, please contact us directly at

ABOUT CYBER ENVIRO-TECH, INC. CETI is an international, environmentally driven, water, soil and oil/sludge remediation technologies Company. Using bio remedial material and other proprietary equipment and processes, we are able to extract and eliminate many hazardous waste materials found in today's oil, industrial wastewater and soil. CETI has designed safe, cost-effective remediation systems and processes by applying 4th Industrial Revolution technologies. This would include machine learning, artificial intelligence, the cloud, SCADA, etc. along with the application of our non-chemical, bio remedial material. Our environmental remedial focus will be directed toward oil from sludge ponds, oil spills, mining tailings, and all bodies of industrial wastewater.

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