Crypto haters, brace for ridicule as crypto fights back with a satirical meme coin


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After years of attacks from powerful figures, the crypto community has a new champion fighting for it: the newly minted $GENSLER coin from the Gensler.Club. This online community’s weapon of choice is to ridicule the alleged hypocrisy and lies of crypto’s powerful opponents.

As one of Gensler.Club’s anonymous community leaders points out, “Take Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, America's largest and most powerful bank. From one side of his mouth, he tells the US Congress to ban crypto assets, while from the other side, he tells his bank to create a proprietary crypto currency that only banks can use”. Another community leader adds, “Senator Elizabeth Warren pushes her draconian Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act which blames terrorist financing on crypto. And as evidence, she uses a Wall Street Journal article that’s been debunked by the US Treasury Department.” No figure in the crypto community’s mind is more deserving of ridicule than Securities and Exchange Commission's Chairman Gary Gensler, who pursued multiple legal actions against the industry and is accused of chasing the growing industry out of the US. “This, from a guy who was teaching and promoting crypto when he was a professor at MIT.” the co-founders roll their eyes.

As to why the leaders are anonymous? “We’re using humor to expose powerful people and we have no plans to commit “suicide”, they joke.

The Gensler.Club coin ($GENSLER) is a meme coin. Meme coins are fun cryptocurrencies where communities focus on a simple idea, such as $DOGE, a meme coin of a shiba inu dog. $DOGE’s current market value is $12 billion. In the world of complicated crypto technology, meme coins flourish because tech savvy and newcomers can easily understand and invest in them. Since the Gensler.Club community launched $GENSLER in mid February 2024, this new meme coin’s value has risen 45 fold in less than a week. The community attributes this to $GENSLER being a meme coin where the simple idea is also a great cause - ridiculing crypto’s elitist attackers.

“Ridicule has always been an effective tool of the common people to fight back against the rich and powerful. And millions of people who hold crypto feel personally attacked by the self-serving a-holes who want all the money and financial control to themselves,” one of the members wrote in the community’s Telegram group. The community attributes the project’s rapid rise to its ambitious road map: promoting contests where the funniest memes are rewarded with $GENSLER coins. The road map also plans airdrops and coin burns to reward their growing community and to raise the value of everyone’s coins.

“Most importantly, funny is easy to understand and funny spreads like wildfire.” say the anonymous community leaders, veterans of main-stream media who expect their satirical memes to spread worldwide. Especially as according to them, the satirical memes the community creates are unlike those that came before. “Political cartoons are traditionally hand drawn. Our savvy community uses AI generated images.”

For those who want to join the community, the Gensler.Club uses the Solana blockchain and the community’s coin $GENSLER can be found on the Raydium and Jupiter exchanges.

If $GENSLER will reach millions or billions in market value is yet to be seen.

“We’ll get there,” a community member claims, “because we fight for a great cause and we’re funny. People love both.”




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