ConVerge2Xcelerate Conference 2018 Announces Healthcare Blockchain Honored Speakers and Agenda - NYC Oct-24 2018(#ConV2X)

By AccessWire,  October 19, 2018, 11:25:00 AM EDT

Columbia University to host - Over 90 honored speakers and 45 sessions on healthcare and blockchain technology applications and use-cases for today

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2018 / ConVerge2Xeleratehealthcare blockchain Conference (#ConV2X) is proud to announce it's 2ndannual conference agenda being held at Columbia University on October 24th, 2018. The One-Day event will bring together over 90 C-level and academic honored market leaders across 45 sessions discussing blockchain and health technologies - cover use-case and application technologies such as AI, IoT, machine learning, and telehealth.

Founder and Publisher, Tory Cenaj, of Partners in Digital Health, commented "we are honored to have such a distinguished roster of speakers who champion health innovations to drive better outcomes for institutions and patients not only in the US but around the globe."

Conference Agenda & Details


Registration, Coffeeand Refreshments


Welcome and Introductions

Host:Tory Cenaj


Transformational Technologies in Healthcare - All Aboard!

Speaker:John D. Halamka, MD, MS


Tele-supervision of Angioplasty Procedures to improve patient safety - Disruptive Technology

Speaker: Samer Ellahham, MD

Blockchain Policy Debate Resolve: Blockchain is Essential to Next Generation Healthcare Practice and Systems

Speakers:Brian Behlendorf, John D. Halamka, MD, MS, Tim Ken Mackey, Amanda Stanhaus

Moderator: William Baker


Leveraging Remote Patient Monitoring to Manage Chronic Disease

Speakers:Rajiv Leventhal, Michael Adcock, FACHE


Telehealth Policy Debate: There is greater Financial Value in Telehealth for Consumers than for Providers

Speakers: David Gruber,MD, Michael K. Gusmano,PhD, Richard Heinzl, MD MPH MSc LLD, Richard Migliori, M.D.

Moderator:William Baker


The Participant will See You Now...Clinical Trials and Its New Frontiers...

Speaker:Walter De Brouwer


Cutting Pleasantries: Blasting a Clear Path Forward for a New Era in Healthcare

Speakers:Matt Cunningham, Erik Pupo, Jay Sales

Moderator:Ted Tanner


Using Blockchain for Managing Medical Records in Difficult Environments

Speaker:Paul Snow


Inflection Point: Blockchain and Pharmacy

Speakers:Phil Baker, Mike Jacobs, Frank Ricotta

Moderator:Kevin A. Clauson, PharmD

Tokens & The Internet of Value: Blending Game Theory, Computer Science, Psychology, and Economics

Speakers:Katherine Kuzmeskas, Chrissa McFarlane, Aditya, Vikram Singh, Mihaela Ulieru, PhD

Moderator:Tom Savel, MD


Keynote Address: Operationalizing Intuition and Genius

Speaker:Jose Arrieta


Blockchain for Patient and HCP Data Rights Management: Lessons from an Enterprise Install

Speaker:Dominique Hurley

Innovations and Challenges with Decentralized Payments and Smart Contracts

Speakers: Combiz Richard Abdolrahami, Esq, Avinash Burra, Jim Kyung Soo Liew, PHD

Moderator:Heather Flannery

Conquering Innovation in Telehealth

Speakers:Gary German, Joseph (Joe) Smith, Erik Virre, MD

Moderator:Rajiv Leventhal


Creating a Patient-Centric, Global, Decentralized Health System

Speaker:Kenneth Colon


Improving Provider Data Accuracy: A Collaborative Approach Using a Permissioned Blockchain

Speakers:Kyler Culver, Mike Jacobs

Moderator:Todd Eury

Annual Innovation Ignition Competition 2018

Judges:Gil Alterovitz, PhD, Bryan Arkwright, Karim Babay, G. Anton Decker, Gary German, John D. Halamka, MD, MS, Fennie Wang

Honorees: American Telephysicians (ATP), BitMed, CoHealth, Debut mHealth's Debut Protocol, Digipharm's Reimburse, Happify Health, Health Innovation's WillChain, and Knomadics




Lori Ruderman, Kenneth Thomson


Acquisitions Facilitation via Blockchain Technology

Speakers: Oki Mek, Aleksandar Zelenovic

Basics for Blockchain Healthcare Use and Technology: 101 Course

Speaker: Cees Hesp

Real Assets that Result from Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology

Speakers:Mark Bodnar, Scott Guilfoyle, Chris Phillips RN, BSN, CCM, CPHQ

Blockchain 102: Anatomy of Coding

Speaker:Priya Ramaswamy


Early Experiences with Blockchain and EHRs

Speakers:Robert Chu , Dr. Keith Hanna, Katherine Kuzmeskas

Moderator: John D Halamka, MD


Grappling with Stigma and Celebrating Ingenuity with Failures and Negative Data

Speakers:Jose Arrieta, Debbie Bucci, Tom Savel, MD

Moderator:Heather Flannery

Making the US a Telehealth Ready Nation

Speakers:David Gruber, Iris Berman, Andrew B. Wilson


Data Sharing? The Case for Blockchain at the Global Convergence of Healthcare, Life sciences and Consumer Markets

Speakers: Abdullah Albeyatti, Uli Broedl, Kevin A. Clauson, PharmD, Chrissa McFarlane

Moderator: Ron Ribitzky, MD


How Blockchain Can Improve Patient Outcomes & Reduce Healthcare Costs

Speaker:Ahmed Abdulla

MUSC National Beacon of Telehealth Excellence: Case Use for Future Deployment

Speakers:Dee Ford, Kathryn King Cristaldi M.D., James McElligott


Pioneerism the Delaware Way: Blockchain First in Business, Collaboration, Innovation and Substantial Results

Speakers:Vince Albanese, Mark Jacobs, Mark B. Thompson, MHSA

Invitation Only Roundtable

Speakers:Mark Bodnar, Scott Guilfoyle, Chris Phillips RN, BSN, CCM, CPHQ, Kevin Sullivan, Tianna M. Umann

Moderator:Fred Bazzoli


The Write Stuff: Best Practices in Scientific Writing for Peer Review

Speakers:Ellen McCarthy, PhD, Julia Saiz Shimosato, PhD

Moderator:Tory Cenaj

The Proliferation of Concierge Medicine Business Models in Value Based Medicine

Speakers:Jay Parkinson, MD, MPH, Sandeep Pulim, MD

Moderator:Rajiv Leventhal


What's next for Blockchain?

Speakers:Brian Behlendorf, John D. Halamka, MD, MS, Alpesh Shah, Tom Trowbridge

Moderator:Fred Bazzoli


Surfacing Dark Knowledge: How Blockchain Technology Enhances Academic Publishing

Speakers:Sean Manion, PhD, Courtney Morris

Moderator:Tory Cenaj

Improving Healthcare Outcomes With Next Generation Internet (NGI): Global Case Study

Speakers:Shawnna Hoffman, Florence D. Hudson, Carlo Piraino


Block-Education: Applying a "Fit-for-Purpose" Framework to Advance Health Blockchain Education

Speaker:Tim Ken Mackey, MAS, PhD

Coffee and Refreshments


IEEE-SA and BHTY Workgroup: Roadmap for Digitalizing Clinical Trials

Speakers:Walter De Brouwer, Amar Das, MD, PhD, Basker Gummadi, John D. Halamka, MD, MS

Moderator:Todd Eury

Making Teleheath a Strategic Asset to Achieve Efficiency

Speakers:James Edwards, John Mattison, Richard Migliori, M.D.

Moderator:Bryan Arkwright


Blockchain Technology in Clinical Trials

Speaker: Uli Broedl


The Decentralization Zeitgeist: Can the Revolution be Real?

Speakers:Shira Frank, Fennie Wang

Netflixing Clinical Trials: How TeleHealth is Changing the Clinical Trial Forever

Speaker:Stan Kachnowski

Cut to the Chase: No Nonsense Guideline for Blockchain Startups

Speakers:Gil Alterovitz, PhD, Cees Hesp, Florence D. Hudson

Moderator:John D. Halamka, MD, MS


What are Autonomous Agents and Game Theory?

Speaker:Ted Tanner

Telemedicine and Digital Health to Improve the Value of Health Care

Speaker:Oren J. Mechanic, MD MPH


A Blockchain-Powered Intelligent Computing Paradigm

Speakers:Jin Wei-Kocsis, Ph.D.


Embedded Belief Systems: The Most Overlooked, Least Understood Opportunity in the Healthcare Blockchain Space

Speaker:John Bass


Closing Remarks

Host:Tory Cenaj

Event Sponsors:ConsenSys Health, BurstIQ, Boehringer Ingelheim, Cadent Medical Communications, Healthcare Informatics, Health Data Management, HealthVerity, Izzy, Nonnatech, Pharmacy Podcast, SimplyVital, & 1800pr.

About ConVerge2Xcelerate Conference (#ConV2X)

The ConVerge2Xcelerate Conference focuses on practical and next generation discussions on healthcare and blockchain use-case and applications by academic, established and emerging growth industry leaders - taking a close look at what is driving innovation and changes in our healthcare delivery systems today.

Hosted by Columbia University, the 2nd annual event will be held in NYC on October 24, 2018. The event will bring together over 90 C-level and academic honored market leaders across 50 sessions discussing blockchain and health technologies. The one-day event will cover technologies such as AI, IoT, machine learning, and telehealth.

Meet and network with pioneers, innovators, government, industry specialists, and university leaders. Join us and become part of the dialogue!

To learn more:ConVerge2Xelerate

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