BioRegenx, Inc. Solidifies Position with Acquisition of DocSun Biomedical Holdings, Inc.


CHATTANOOGA, TN / ACCESSWIRE / January 26, 2024 / BioRegenx, Inc. which has entered into a Definitive Agreement to merge with Findit, Inc, proudly announces the successful acquisition of DocSun Biomedical Holdings, Inc., marking a significant expansion of BioRegenx's intellectual property and product portfolio. This strategic move enhances BioRegenx's presence in the burgeoning health and wellness sector.

DocSun Biomedical Holdings, Inc. has inked a groundbreaking contract with a prominent international conglomerate that spans various industries, including health and wellness, foreign government data hosting solutions, automotive, transportation services, and more. The conglomerate plans to integrate DocSun's cutting-edge technology, the DocSun™ AI Engine, into several of their verticals, including the systems of one of the world's largest electric vehicle manufacturers. This particular collaboration aims to utilize DocSun's contactless driver monitoring system as a pivotal component of a comprehensive driver awareness protocol. The Software Development Kit (SDK) monitoring system adeptly alerts drivers to abnormalities and distractions, ensuring heightened safety standards. The rollout of this technology is slated to commence this year.

Anticipated revenues from the licensing deal are set to escalate as the conglomerate releases new electric vehicles containing DocSun's SDK into the market. Beyond automotive applications, the conglomerate plans to leverage the versatile AI technology in other sectors, amplifying the impact across diverse industries.

In addition to its groundbreaking automotive technology, DocSun owns and deploys a proprietary contactless monitoring and data-gathering system capable of assessing 21 vital signs in just a few seconds. This innovative system, compatible with smartphone selfie videos and devices with an 8MP camera or above, targets key markets such as healthcare, pharma, telehealth, insurance, and transportation.

BioRegenx CEO William Resides expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, "I'm excited about the addition of DocSun to our family. Their accomplished management team and leading-edge technology now form an integral part of BioRegenx's product line, positioning DocSun as our third revenue-producing subsidiary."

Expanding the BioRegenx product line further, wholly-owned subsidiary Microvascular Health Solutions™ LLC (MVHS) manufactures and distributes patented products focusing on microvascular health, particularly the endothelial glycocalyx. MVHS's imaging and software technology, registered as an FDA Class 1 medical device, has been globally recognized and utilized by academic and hospital researchers for about a decade. BioRegenx's revenue streams include sales of the packaged systems as well as recurring revenue from the patented Endocalyx Pro supplements, disposable lens covers, and the ongoing microvascular health tests performed by clinicians. This allows MVHS to tap into markets such as wellness clinics, emergency rooms, sports performance centers, resorts, med spas, and potential licensing opportunities.

William Resides looks ahead to the future, stating, "I eagerly anticipate the completion of the merger between BioRegenx and Findit, Inc. (ticker FDIT), propelling us into the public arena. As we continue to drive product sales and expand our revenue model, our commitment to innovation remains unwavering."

About BioRegenx

BioRegenx, Inc. operates as a holding company specializing in acquiring intellectual property (IP) and companies engaged in Regenerative Biotherapeutics and anti-aging research. Its primary focus involves acquiring or developing non-invasive medical and wellness devices capable of efficiently recording, storing, and analyzing extensive datasets. This data serves as input for its proprietary algorithms and our planned AI engine to generate more predictive outcomes. The company's goal is to provide practitioners, patients, and customers with valuable insights derived from thorough analysis, thereby enhancing the efficacy and precision of our solutions

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