Banzai Launches Data-Driven Research Hub to Democratize Marketing Insights


Launching with an In-Depth Report on Marketing Attribution, Banzai’s New Hub Offers Data and Insights from Real-World Marketing Leaders

SEATTLE, Wash., Dec. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Banzai International, Inc. (NASDAQ: BNZI) (“Banzai” or the “Company”), a leading marketing technology company that provides essential marketing and sales solutions, today announced the launch of its Research Hub which is set to provide an accessible platform to marketers at every level looking for insights from top marketing, advertising, and SaaS executives. 

In a market where marketing budgets have been slashed, but the requirement for proving marketing investment remains high, data remains a cornerstone for executing effective marketing strategies. Unfortunately, much of today’s highest quality marketing benchmarks and insights remain inaccessible to the majority of marketing teams who most need them. Banzai’s Research Hub aims to solve that challenge by providing free, easy to understand, relevant benchmark data across a variety of industries, company sizes, and business objectives. Emboldened with data-driven insights, marketers can then make better informed decisions on their marketing campaigns and strategies.

"Our mission at Banzai is to help our customers accomplish their mission. A big part of that is helping them make better marketing decisions. By launching the Banzai Research Hub, our aim is to provide access to the cutting-edge marketing data and insights we have been collecting for years, empowering marketers across the industry to make informed, data-driven decisions," said Joe Davy, CEO and Chairman of Banzai. "Our inaugural report on marketing attribution trends is just the beginning. We're committed to continuously providing valuable, actionable insights that not only reflect the current marketing landscape but also guide marketers in shaping future strategies that align with their organizational goals and respond to evolving market demands."

Banzai also launched its first report, providing detailed data on key marketing attribution trends. The report surveyed marketing professionals and revealed significant insights into the current state of marketing attribution. The study highlights a broad adoption of attribution models, however, data shows that 20% of respondents are still not using them, despite their effectiveness in strategic decision-making and enhancing C-Suite confidence in marketing.

The report also reveals the hidden benefits of attribution, such as improved visibility into customer journeys and sales cycle insights, but notes challenges like attribution model bias and tracking complexities. For marketing professionals, the findings underscore the importance of aligning attribution models with organizational goals and the ongoing need to navigate the complexities of marketing attribution in a data-rich environment.

Learn more about Banzai’s Research Hub or access the latest marketing attribution report here

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