sees positive results from deployment of AR wayfinding at campus of Brandenburg University


--News Direct-- Chief Product Officer Shadnam Khan joined Steve Darling from Proactive to unveil the successful deployment of an innovative AR navigation system within the 5G campus network built by Deutsche Telekom AG at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences campus in Germany.

The fully funded partnership with the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences and its prestigious institute ifii (Institute for Innovation and Information Management), originally announced in October 2023, revolutionizes the way faculty and visitors experience the university campus. It provides a seamless and intuitive AR experience and AR-powered navigation.

As part of their 2024 roadmap, the university will implement, evaluate, and publish research on over 20 different use cases with ARway's technology, highlighting the depth of this collaboration.

Khan emphasized that a significant number of master's students are conducting their theses on AR, leveraging the new system for their research. This academic involvement underscores the system's role not only as a navigational tool but also as a platform for academic and technological exploration.

The company anticipates that this project will set new standards for digital campus experiences and open new pathways for the application of AR and 5G technologies in various sectors.

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