Aldwin Callen Is in the Process of Relocating Its Headquarters to Accommodate Accelerated Growth


Taipei, Taiwan--(Newsfile Corp. - March 15, 2022) - At a press conference, Aldwin Callen's Co-founder, Mr. Thomas George Callen, and Managing Partner and Board Member, Mr. Kovner, have announced today it has undertaken a comprehensive review of its future real estate needs and is currently evaluating options for their new headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. After reviewing numerous locations in Zurich, the firm anticipates an update on the process in September 2022.

The new headquarters will strengthen the firm's footprint in Europe and enable it to provide a broader range of investment opportunities to its European client base. This is another step in Aldwin Callen's wealth management approach, which is focused on long-term investments in important regions where the firm already has a network and a reputation. This move will provide Aldwin Callen's employees with a more conducive work environment, offering independent guidance, discretionary investment management, and advisory services to individuals, families, businesses, charities, and foundations.

"Zurich has long been considered as a world-class financial hub, thanks to its vibrant business climate and entrepreneurial spirit," stated Mr. Kovner, Managing Partner and Board Member. "Over the previous two years, we've capitalized on market circumstances, made incredibly careful and required investments in our core business, and are now prepared to progress to the next stage of our company's development. As we look to the future, we must foster an atmosphere that attracts and retains exceptional talent. We owe it to a wide collection of workers, clients, advisors, and shareholders to take the necessary steps to secure the long-term success of our organization. The new office space will be around 21,000 square feet in size and will house over 120 individuals," Kovner concluded.

Co-Founder and Board Member, Thomas George Callen, stated, "The new office space accommodates our growing team and enables us to hire additional talent to continue providing industry-leading support and service to our global clients. We see this as an incredible opportunity to better serve our clients in Europe, which has grown to be a significant portion of our business. Throughout the process, we are dedicated to informing our employees and the surrounding community."

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