Advanced Gold Exploration: "Copper Is the New Gold" Globe and Mail April 27, 2024


Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - May 8, 2024) - Advanced Gold Exploration (CSE: AUEX) has issued the following press release in response to the recent increases in the price of copper and the continuing interest in this very important metal in EV development and Greenhouse Gas emission reduction. We are highlighting our very exciting copper property - Buck Lake.


  • Copper is Instrumental in the Commodities Supercycle.
  • The world needs more copper and exploration will be important in the supply.
  • Ontario has a past history of copper production.
  • AUEX's Buck Lake Property is a VMS -style copper prospect with high-grade copper intersections in drill holes and channel samples.
  • The property is large, covering nearly 4000 Ha with multiple copper and zinc showings from past work and recent prospecting.

James Atkinson CEO of Advanced Gold Exploration states: "Although we are focused on gold - we have copper! Our Buck Lake Project consists of a partially drilled VMS -style of copper deposit. We are actively looking for a partner to join us in the exploration of this exciting project. This is an opportunity to continue to expand the known mineralization but also to apply modern exploration techniques to this large property with many mineralized occurrences."

To highlight the growing interest in copper we quote the following information from Katusa Research, a well-respected analyst in the mining space.

Mr Katusa states: "Of all the commodities, however, one that's particularly important to focus on is copper.

"Dubbed 'Doctor Copper' for its ability to gauge economic health…

"As one of the key building blocks of our modern society, if there's any commodity you'd expect to lead the way in a commodity rally, it'd be copper.

The world needs a lot more copper, but it's not going to get it for $3 a pound."

He continues: "It's forecast that copper demand could grow by nearly 10 million tonnes, representing roughly 35% growth.

"This is due to its importance in everything from power grids to batteries, demand for copper is expected to see between 4-6% annual growth over the next 8 years.

"To put things into perspective the average annual growth in copper demand between 2010 and now is just 2.5%."

In other words:

From here on out global demand for copper is expected to grow at twice the rate it has in the past decade and a half.

It's forecast that copper demand could grow by nearly 10 million tonnes, representing roughly 35% growth.

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Global Copper Consumption Expected to Surge

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Look at the following chart from Katusa Research.

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Copper Prices Are on the Rise

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To quote Katusa once again, "Total investment fund long positions set a new all-time high of 70,293 contracts, 70,293 contracts is the biggest shared bet ever made by funds on copper prices going higher since the LME started publishing their Commitment of Traders report in 2018.

"Things were similar at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where net non-commercial positions (contracts not bought for hedging production) rocked up to nearly 32,000 contracts long.

"In the USA, massive investments in clean energy and power infrastructure upgrades need to be made, all of which will require vast quantities of copper.

"The Biden administration recently allocated $3.5 billion for electric grid upgrades, signaling potential future investments.

"This all comes at a time when some of the world's largest copper mines are faltering.

"Chile, once the Saudi Arabia of the copper world, hit a 25-year low in copper production in 2023.

"High debt and low copper grades combined with a socialist stance have created a firestorm of challenges within the state-run Chilean copper miner."

These worldwide events bode well for high grade Canadian copper projects. Like Buck Lake.

About Buck Lake

The Property is located approximately 62 linear km northeast of Sault Ste. Marie in the Province of Ontario. The Property consists of a total of 180 single-cell mining claims that covers 3,886 hectares located in Lunkie and Gapp Townships.

The Property is located in the Wawa-Abitibi Subprovince within of the Superior Province of Canada. The Property is situated within the Batchawana Greenstone Belt ("BGB") that comprises a small portion of the Wawa-Abitibi Subprovince. The BGB is an arcuate-shaped, expansive belt located in the southern-central part of the Wawa-Abitibi Subprovince on the eastern shore of Lake Superior. This BGB is an Archean-aged greenstone belt consisting of a ick succession of supracrustal rocks. The property is situated in the Batchawana Volcanic Domain which hosts prospective sequences of felsic and mafic volcanics.

The Technical Report states that the geological environment of the Property is favourable for the presence of Archean volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits ("VMS"), iron deposits and orogenic gold deposits, namely banded iron formation ("BIF") hosted gold deposits due to the fact that BIF's are present on the Property. The focus of exploration has historically been on VMS-type deposits, but other deposit model types should not be dismissed.

The Property contains at least 8 areas of potential based on the presence of Base Metal Mineralization based on historical or recent activities. Including areas of copper and zinc mineralization.

An extensive stripping and channel sampling program over one of the zones in (the Noranda Trend) in 2022 identified several mineral horizons and provided invaluable clues to the geological environment of Cu-Zn mineralization. Highlights of the channel sampling include 4.94% Zn, 367 ppm Cu, 0.77% Pb and 45.6 g/t Ag over 1.0 m at trench G and

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