Nasdaq Market Technology Update

An overview of the first half of 2019

I hope that you’ve had a successful first half of the year. 

In our tech business, we have had an incredibly busy start to the year in working to integrate the Cinnober business and also welcome our Cinnober colleagues. We are grateful for the fruitful conversations we have had with many of you as we’ve worked through the transition, and are excited about the opportunities we jointly see in the powerful combination of our market technology experts as we execute against our Nasdaq Financial Framework roadmap. Together we are an even stronger technology partner, with a team perfectly positioned to meet your needs as you address legacy modernization and adoption of new technologies.

During the spring, we have also welcomed new clients Caja de Valores de Argentina, Jamaica Stock ExchangeFootball Index, and our fourth broker trading platform client, while celebrating several significant go-lives such as the Johannesburg Stock Exchange’s new clearing system and Singapore Exchange’s implementation of the Nasdaq Financial Framework for its new equity trading platform. We have a number of projects in flight for 2019 and we look forward to sharing more as these projects complete.

On the product side, I am proud that we have introduced our new cloud-native matching service that enables trading in a wide variety of securities and tokenized assets. The cloud matching service empowers easy asset creation, with ability to spin up new marketplaces in short timeframes. As a testament to this, we have recently signed an agreement with the Football Index who we expect to go live in the coming quarter! 

I look forward to seeing some of you at our upcoming Surveillance Conference in Paris, if not at the WFE in Singapore.


Lars Ottersgård
EVP, Head of Market Technology

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In the first half of 2019, 7 clients went live on Nasdaq tech
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Nasdaq Surveillance Conference
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