Investor Tools Overview

NASDAQ.com offers a suite of free and premium tools that can help you make better investing decisions. Browse our Stock Tracking Tools & Stock Planning Tools and you're sure to find a valuable new addition to your investing toolkit.

Stock Tracking Tools


Get up-to-the-minute stock alerts delivered to your inbox.

The Custom Stock Alerts tool automatically sends you e-mails when stocks you've entered match your pre-set conditions in the pre-market, regular hours or after-hours trading sessions.

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logo ticker

Monitor your investments right on your desktop.

The Logo Ticker tool provides a persistent "ticker" that shows share price, volume, change and news for securities you select, allowing you to keep abreast of the market no matter where you are on your computer. Updates automatically every three minutes, and can be sized to fit your screen.

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A browser-based solution with all the market data and technical analysis tools professionals need

NASDAQ Direct Price: $125/month - 1 month FREE!

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portfolio tracker

Daily tracking of your net worth.

Create and track an unlimited number of dynamically updated portfolios.
Create a portfolio of selected assets (cash, stock, bonds) that are updated dynamically intraday. Track mutual funds, money markets, real estate, cash, precious metals, and indexes.

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Stock Selection Tools

nasdaq dozen

An easy 12-step system for analyzing stocks

The NASDAQ Dozen is a rational, repeatable process for analyzing the twelve most important fundamental and technical aspects of any stock on a pass/fail basis. Includes screen shots that show you how to use NASDAQ.com in your analysis.

Price: Free

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risk grade

Determine the relative risk of any stock.

Using the RiskGrades™ risk analysis tool by RiskMetrics Group, you can identify and measure the relative risk of a stock and benchmark the risk against the Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500. RiskGrades™ captures all the components of market risk: equity, interest rate, currency, and commodity risk.

Price: Free

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annual reports

Get a free annual report for the companies you follow.

A company's annual report is one of the most important company research tools available and is available to you free of charge. Just fill out a short form and you'll be able to download or receive in the mail an annual report for any company you select.

Price: Free

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guru screener

Screen stocks with help from the world's greatest investors.

The Guru Screener helps you evaluate stocks that meet the investment criteria of some of the greatest investors of our time. Find fundamentally sound stocks and screen stocks based on guru interest level.

Price: Free

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guru advisor

See how your stock picks would be evaluated by the world's top investors.

The Guru Analysis tool shows you how a given stock would be judged using the theories of Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham or others. Select one or several investment experts to analyze each stock.

Price: Free

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portfolio wizard

Get great ideas for new additions to your portfolio.

The Portfolio Wizard is a fun interactive tool that randomly selects stocks from your chosen industries and displays the historical performance of the resulting portfolio.

Price: Free

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stock consultant

Get great ideas for new additions to your portfolio.

Technical stock analysis (chart analysis) that highlights support and resistance levels for a stock to assist in determining entry and exit points.

Price: 8 free consultations a day on NASDAQ.com, or follow the link below for premium memberships.

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stock screener

Thorougly screen stocks to discover hidden gems.

Use the NASDAQ Custom Stock Screener to discover opportunities in the market using customed selection criteria based on 145 data elements from a proprietary stock database. Create multiple custom screens and save them by registering an account

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stock comparison

A side-by-side comparison of stocks.

Compare side by side 4 stocks at a time on price, fundamental, analyst and technical information.

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