RiskMetrics - Course Goals

Welcome to the Understanding Risk course

Our goal is to make you a better investor by providing you with the same powerful risk analysis tools used by Wall Street professionals.

Personal investing has changed dramatically over the past quarter-century, especially in recent years. With today's growth and deregulation of global financial markets, combined with the rapid evolution of computing and communication, we see increasing reliance on personal investment rather than public and employer-financed retirement plans. In this new world, individuals have tremendous financial opportunities, but also face new responsibilities.

Course Objectives

The Understanding Risk course has been developed to help you meet your long-term financial objectives by providing you with resources to understand and manage the risks along the way. The course reviews the fundamentals of risk and introduces you to the new leading edge tools developed by RiskMetrics for measuring risk.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the relationship between risk and opportunity
  • Apply RiskGrades suite of advanced measurement tools to analyze your risk

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