Structured Products: Index SharesSM Marketplace

Innovative Products for Innovative Investors

That's the concept behind Index ShareSM Marketplace. Listed and traded in the Marketplace is an entire family of Index SharesSM - index-based investment products that let you buy or sells shares of entire portfolios of stock in a single security. These unique financial products combine the opportunities of indexing with the advantages of stock trading.

With Index Shares based on broad-market, sector and international indexes, you have a wide range of investment opportunities. You have the ability to establish long-term investments in the market performance of the leading companies in the leading industries in the United States, or you can custom tailor asset allocations using a range of Index Shares to fit your particular investment needs or goals. You can hold Index Shares based on a broad-market index as a core investment, for example, then use additional Index Shares to increase your exposure in sector and/or international index performance.

Index Share Highlights

  • An entire portfolio of stocks in a single transaction
  • Long-term investments
  • Buying or selling throughout the trading day
  • Lower costs for investor affordability
  • Margin eligibility
  • Opportunity for dividends
  • Tax efficiencies
  • Ease and convenience
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