2011 - THIS IS NOW

NASDAQ was an acronym for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. We are The NASDAQ OMX Group.
In the US, we were the new kids on the block. NASDAQ OMX owns the oldest stock exchange in the US: The Philadelphia Stock Exchange now known as NASDAQ OMX PHLX.
We invented electronic trading. While electronic trading is the norm, we are still the fastest. Our platform can handle millions of messages per second at sub-100 microsecond average speeds with 99.99+% reliability.
NASDAQ started quoting 2,500 US over-the-counter stocks on February 8th. 3,600 companies worth $5.4T in market cap from 46 countries list on NASDAQ OMX global exchanges.
We invented the modern IPO by giving growth companies the opportunity to raise capital that wasn’t previously available to them, creating new industries.  We continue to attract more IPOs and are known as being the market of innovation. 50 companies that started trading in 1971 are still listed today.
NASDAQ was the exchange used as a financial benchmark index for the US markets.  NASDAQ is the exchange used as a financial benchmark index for the US markets. As an exchange company, we are the world’s leading index provider with $350B tied to our global indexes.
NASDAQ stock quotes were first listed in The Wall Street Journal on November 1. The NASDAQ System released quotes 2 times/day for the newspapers. Our award-winning, real-time market data gives millions of global users the information to make better-informed and more-confident trading decisions with 99.999% uptime.
We operated one equities market. NASDAQ OMX operates 24 markets: 18 of them are equities markets. The other 6 are options, derivatives, fixed income and commodities.
  We can trade anything, anywhere. 70 exchanges and clearinghouses in 50 countries; 50 brokers in 35 countries; 6 regulators in 6 countries use our electronic trading technology to power their markets.
  NASDAQ OMX powers 1 of every 10 of the world’s securities transactions.