Where Board & Investor Priorities Intersect:

2019 Review of S&P 100 Governance Disclosures


Organizations are being buffeted by lengthy periods of disruption and rapidly-evolving developments in technology, demographics, society and the environment. At the same time, institutional investors are paying more attention than ever to organizations’ values, culture and approach to human capital management as drivers of future innovation, growth, and long-term sustainability. Other stakeholders – employees and the broader workforce, customers, suppliers and communities – are also weighing in on these topics. These factors present a significant challenge to today’s boards, and in particular their responsibility for implementing robust governance structures throughout their organizations.

Against this changing landscape, Nasdaq governance professionals researched corporate practices in areas where the priorities of boards and institutional investors intersect. Our observations focused on six key areas: governance highlights, board composition, information technology, human capital management, environmental matters and business sustainability, investor engagement and communications.

The report, which is based on a review of the proxy statements and sustainability websites of S&P 100 companies, and includes sample disclosures and a detailed data table. Some key takeaways include:

  • 92% of reviewed companies disclose investor outreach activity
  • 80% highlight environmental or sustainability efforts as a priority
  • 64% state their purpose, mission, vision or strategy
  • 53% emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusiveness
  • 48 % discuss company culture and values


Key takeaways from this research

    Governance Center: Where Board & Investor Priorities Intersect

    Kellie Huennekens, Director at Nasdaq Center for Corporate Governance, discusses key takeaways from the inagural Governance Center report "Where Board & Investor Priorities Intersect: 2019 Review of S&P 100 Governance Disclosures."

    Jun 21, 2019

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    Board composition

    53% of reviewed companies disclose a “combined” diversity figure including gender and additional definitions

    Environmental sustainability

    80% highlight environmental or sustainability efforts as a priority in their proxy statement

    Investor engagement and communications

    92% disclose shareholder engagement activity and 58% note that directors may participate

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