Nasdaq 2022 Sustainability Report

    ESG Solutions: Supporting Our Clients

    ESG Products & Services

    Nasdaq is uniquely positioned to serve both the corporate and investment community as they strive to achieve their ESG-related objectives. Our work across both the corporate and investment communities, in addition to our work with regulators and standards setters, creates a virtuous cycle. Our unique vantage point helps us stay ahead of trends, continuously adapt to the evolving needs of both audiences and improve outcomes for both people and the planet.  


    Supporting the Corporate Community

    Capital Access Platforms serves the corporate community throughout their ESG lifecycle, helping public companies navigate the capital markets, evolving private companies’ progress to becoming a public company, and engaging with all types of companies to navigate a diverse and complex shareholder landscape.

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    Supporting the Investment Community

    Asset owners and asset managers equally face an increasingly complex and dynamic ESG landscape. Investment Intelligence serves the investment community with a range of workflow, data and analytics capabilities to help them manage their portfolios and enhance their asset allocation decision-making processes.

    *Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes, Nasdaq IR Intelligence and eVestment are not categorized as ESG products and services for financial reporting.

    Supporting Clients through Research and Education

    Throughout 2022, we coordinated several events and leveraged our expertise and research capabilities to publish thought leadership on a range of relevant topics. On our ESG Solutions Resource Center, we united our knowledge and insights to support our corporate and investor communities as they seek to accelerate sustainable, inclusive growth. Furthermore, in the Green Voices Newsletter, we gathered our latest updates, insights and inspiration on all things ESG, facilitating a continuous dialogue between investors, issuers and other stakeholders.

    white papers authored to share insights to the industry

    ESG Trendsetters episodes were published to facilitate sharing of best practices in ESG and Sustainability

    panel discussions and industry events were led to encourage innovation and progress in sustainability practices

    ESG Solutions Resource Center

    Find the right resources to help transform your ESG processes.

    Get up-to-date perspectives on the latest corporate ESG trends.

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