Advancing Diversity

Providing actionable insight, information and solutions to help companies move the needle on diversity in the boardroom and beyond

To compete in an era of ongoing social, economic and environmental change, companies must embrace a new way of thinking—and doing—to accelerate diversity efforts and ignite innovation now and in the future. In this spirit, Nasdaq's new diversity proposal helps move the needle on diversity in the boardroom by providing a standardized disclosure framework to drive greater transparency on corporate governance. 

Our goal with this proposal is to provide a transparent framework for Nasdaq-listed companies to present their board composition and diversity philosophy effectively to all stakeholders.
Adena Friedman, President and CEO, Nasdaq

Embracing Change

Despite the growing business case for diversity, companies are still struggling to make meaningful advancements on diversity. Discover the key challenges for board- and organization-wide buy-in and adoption, and how to overcome them.


Forward Progress

Moving the needle on board diversity

  • Standardized disclosure framework to drive greater transparency on corporate governance

    Nasdaq files a proposal with the SEC outlining recommendations related to board representation, policies, and disclosure. If approved by the SEC, the new listing rule would require all companies listed on Nasdaq’s U.S. exchange to have/disclose, at a minimum, two diverse board directors.
    Woman leader in boardroom with men sitting at table.

Accelerating Impact

Despite mounting evidence and awareness on the benefits of diversity in the boardroom, progress isn’t happening fast enough. And even where progress is seen, there’s still room to drive meaningful long-term change. Discover how companies can continuously adopt initiatives and solutions to evolve their diversity strategies.


Igniting Innovation

Research shows that taking steps on diversity translates to meaningful change and innovation across the organization. Discover how companies are embracing diversity to ignite innovation.