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Women to Watch in 2024 Share Their Strategies for Success

Women to Watch in 2024 Share Their Strategies for Success

As we continue to welcome in the new year, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect and learn from our experiences. Don’t just take our word for it—take it from the following 33 remarkable women who made waves in their careers in 2023 and are poised to continue doing so in 2024.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet the diverse and forward-thinking leaders who each have created their own playbook for success and are looking to the year ahead with just as much intentionality. Take, for example, Bilen Mesfin Packwood, who spent the first few days of the year aligning with her team before taking on client work, or Vanessa Liu, who makes sure to schedule at least two hours of uninterrupted "thinking time" in her calendar every day. These women—and so many more—embody innovation and success.

Their journeys are a welcome reminder that celebrating the victories of the past is just as important as looking ahead. We hope their experiences will empower you to achieve your definition of success this year.

Julie Zhu

Fractional CMO at Julie Zhu LLC, a marketing consultancy for early-stage startups and small businesses.


My strategies for success: I'm really excited to continue growing my community, especially for the AAPI and entrepreneurial groups. Working with partners like Soho House, Asia Society, and Chase this year has been a fantastic experience. My goal is to not only nurture these partnerships but also to bring in even more exciting collaborations. I also plan to enrich my offerings with engaging speakers and in-person events that truly resonate with my audience. Ultimately, it's about building a more vibrant and supportive community.

Hannah Gräfin von Waldersee

Lead Planner at GvW Events, an ultra-luxury wedding and celebration service bringing history to life through elevated events in spaces with artistic and cultural heritage.


My strategies for success: I’m going to keep it as simple as possible next year and focus on always crafting authentic relationships. The thing that has served me best in life and my career is showing up to interactions with an assumption of good intent, commitment to trust, and non-transactionally finding ways to be helpful to others. That means getting to know my event planning clients as authentically as possible so I can craft the bespoke celebrations they deserve, celebrate the vendors I work with above my own self-promotion, and create opportunities for others to impress at every turn. I know I can't do everything, and we have to choose where to spend our energy wisely. I choose to spend my energy in service to others. 

Bilen Mesfin Packwood

CEO of Change Consulting, a full-service communications agency for racial and social justice leaders.


My strategies for success: Rest, preparation, and collaboration are the three strategies I used to prepare for 2024. I closed our agency for two weeks so we could all rest, recharge, and get ready for the new year. We also spent the first three days back in the office on an initiative we call Change U, which allowed us to prepare and align together as a team before starting our work in the new year with clients. Finally, we expanded our leadership team this year and collaborated together to measure our collective impact and prepare for what’s ahead. That collaboration is helping me as a leader be better prepared for what's ahead than anything I have done on my own in years past.

Sarah Loughry

Founder and CEO of Em Dash Content Studio, a team of expert writers and strategists that help businesses show up on search and establish themselves as thought leaders. 


My strategies for success: 2023 was about growth from a revenue and workflow perspective. 2024 is about focusing on what we do best: creating killer content and effective strategies. That means leaving behind low-budget, all-inclusive packages that ultimately undervalued our time and expertise. This year, we will be separating them out. 

Catharine Montgomery

Founder and CEO of Better Together, a public relations agency that galvanizes positive change for purpose-driven organizations through creative strategies and messaging.


My strategies for success: Our core strategy for the upcoming year involves a renewed commitment to innovative approaches in achieving our mission of using communications to achieve equity. Recognizing the diverse and sometimes less obvious pathways to impact, we're expanding our opportunities to include new, creative methods. This includes valuing our offerings more appropriately, ensuring that the quality and impact of our work are reflected in its worth. We're not just evolving our strategies but formalizing them. We've operated with a proverbial set of criteria for selecting our partnerships, but we're now putting these criteria in writing, ensuring that every partnership aligns with our mission. By documenting our selection process, we aim to focus on organizations that share our commitment to healthcare for all, reproductive health rights, environmental sustainability, food insecurity, plant medicine equality, and social justice. 

Caley Adams

Founder of Wildes District, an NYC-based design studio that specializes in luxury and e-commerce brands in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and health and wellness sectors.


My strategies for success: Last year was a year of settling into a new normal for work. During this time, I found myself defaulting to my old work styles that I had pre-Covid and I was feeling burnt out. I realized that with endless Zoom meetings/being so plugged in, work can feel significantly more draining than it did before. To adapt, I plan on looking critically at this upcoming year and being more discerning about the projects we take on in order to create more space for work/life balance and higher quality work. There will always be opportunities for brands to find work cheaper and quicker, but with our expertise, experience, and level of craft, I'm confident that saying no to projects that aren't a good fit will free up space for the clients who understand the value that we bring to the table—without the overwork and burnout that comes with saying yes too frequently. 

Vanessa Liu

Co-Founder and CEO of Sugarwork, a generative, AI-powered knowledge-sharing platform for capturing and distilling expert tacit knowledge.


My strategies for success: We are counting on 2024 to be a big breakout year for Sugarwork as we accelerate our go-to-market with Fortune 500 customers. Being in lockstep as a team—including our investors and advisors—will be critical. Success will be defined by how we work together, so we plan on doing three things: articulating clear, ambitious goals for the business that we believe in; knowing our blind spots and having clear plans for addressing them; and growing our team with top performers who can constructively challenge one another. On a personal note, I am making sure I have at least two hours of uninterrupted "thinking time" in my calendar every day, instead of stacking days back to back with meetings. Being able to reflect is critical to being nimble.

Jessie Young

Global Head of Restricted Retail at Uber, changing the way the world moves for the better.

jessie young

My strategies for success: In 2024, I'm only going to sell what I would buy myself—and that includes the life I want. When things get tough, it is easy to get lost trying to isolate the single force that will render the life we believe we deserve. So, in 2024, when I feel untethered, I'm going to ask myself the inverse: What will really fail right now? The answer is never sitting down to do the job, even when that job is hard or long, and never treating myself as the customer of my efforts.

Melissa Lohrer

Founder of Waverly Ave Consulting, a partner for creative agency founders, creating sustainable and profitable growth strategies on their path to seven figures.


My strategies for success: I've had the most incredible turnaround personally and professionally over the past year. I left a job that drove me to burnout and started a business that energizes me every single day. I'll be taking some of the big wins with me into 2024: trusting my gut, going outside my comfort zone, being proactive about going after what I want, and partnering with the right clients. I'll be learning from and leaving behind discounted rates, unreturned favors, and staying away from people with a scarcity mindset. Lesson learned! 

Sara Royf

CEO of Communications with Sara, supporting purpose-driven business owners to leverage LinkedIn to build trust at scale and attract dream clients. 


My strategies for success: This year, I'll be doubling down on the following strategies: offering VIP days for coaches, consultants, and service providers who are frustrated they don't have as many clients in their pipeline as they'd like; posting and engaging on LinkedIn every day; and joining communities to meet like-minded entrepreneurs.

Evan Sargent

Founder and CEO of Leap_year Branding, building great brands fast for visionary organizations and serial founders.


My strategies for success: 2024 is the year of marketing for Leap_year. While we will never leave behind traditional relationship building and one-on-one business development, we are seeing the effects of consistent marketing and will be ramping it up. Our strategy centers around leveraging our valuable freebies to build an email list where we nurture our subscribers, provide valuable content, and make offers. It's age old at this point, but it still works. Email continues to be the winner in terms of ROI. Consistency, testing, and measuring are key as well as implementing powerful SEO to drive traffic. In addition to a central freebie/email strategy, we'll be posting consistently on LinkedIn and Instagram and measuring organic growth. 

Dom Farnan

Founder of DotConnect, putting in the hard work to find candidates who are dedicated to your company’s mission and keep working with you to grow a people-focused culture.

dom farnan

My strategies for success: Assessing my personal daily and weekly workflow, ensuring that my days are themed and grouped by task so I am able to context-switch less and drop into deep work more quickly while also factoring myself into the schedule. Ensuring I am able to adequately care for myself, my needs, and my H5 buckets (health, heart, hustle, harmony, and happiness) every day. 

Jessica Alderson

Co-Founder and CEO of So Syncd, a dating app that matches compatible personality types.


My strategies for success: Over the coming year, we will continue to be laser-focused with our time. Saying no to opportunities that don't align with our long-term strategy will be essential. Focus is key, and, by cutting out the noise, we aim to ensure that our efforts are directed toward what matters most. Potential meetings, avenues of exploration, and new projects will all be evaluated with a critical eye to determine whether they are truly adding value or causing distraction.

Kelly Hubbell

Founder and CEO of Sage Haus, helping busy moms have it all without doing it all through a series of digital courses and resources that encourage parents to build their village.


My strategies for success: Being authentically myself in building my brand and attracting my audience. Ignoring the haters and noise so I can help as many clients as possible. My goal in the coming year is to feel as connected as possible to my clients and audience. I want to get knee-deep in their pain and challenges so I can help find solutions for their families and then apply them broadly to help others based on my learnings. I'm leaving behind the fear that I'm not moving quickly enough and instead embracing every stage my business is in.

Arvita Tripati

VP of Product Management at a B2B SaaS clinical trials startup.


My strategies for success: Continuing to focus on excelling at the niche, rather than being spread thin and not doing any one thing well. Building on the successes thus far by continuing to invest in and promote a learning culture. Continuing to lead with a coaching mindset, focusing on asking good questions, and encouraging employees to push themselves. Doubling down on having good data hygiene practices from the start so that analytics can be useful sooner.

Claudia Richman

Co-Founder of Starling Training, offering training designed to sharpen the skills that build productive, supportive relationships with organizations, teams, direct reports, and clients.


My strategies for success: We’ve had great success bringing our Mindful Manager Training Program to groups of managers within organizations, training whole cohorts of new and experienced managers inside many companies. In 2024, we’ll be expanding to offer our training to individuals. This new format will bring our proven program to people working in smaller organizations, helping them lay a strong foundation of support as they and their companies grow. Our cohorts for individuals will provide a supportive community where new managers can learn and practice new skills and behaviors in a safe space. 

Valerie Red-Horse Mohl

Co-Founder of Known, deploying, structuring, and shifting capital in ways that are healthy for the planet and the people on it.


My strategies for success: I'm excited to continue shifting away from convincing the market to invest in founders of color and instead diving full force into a new paradigm, where everyone realizes the value of tapping into the endless possibilities in the BIPOC economy. I think anyone reading this should feel inspired to leave behind tired, old ideas and think about proactive intentionality to make their next career move fully embody their values and dreams for the world. For me, it's eliminating the racial wealth gap by addressing the fact that fewer than two percent of the world's money is owned or controlled by people of color.

Tiffany Coyle

Co-Founder and CEO of Twinning Pros, a full-service marketing agency helping brands of all sizes attract, convert, and retain customers with a powerful online presence. 


My strategies for success: We've been offering done-for-you marketing services since we started our agency in 2017. However, we want to focus on offering affordable marketing services to businesses of all sizes. We will be adding DIY and done-with-you services in 2024 because we believe good marketing shouldn't be a secret. We want to empower more business owners to handle or, at least, understand how marketing their business works, even if they want to outsource in the future. 

Ninel Anderson

CEO of Devoted Studios, a global network of top talent in art, engineering, and co-development—all in one place. 


My strategies for success: Over the past year, our key strategy for success involved the successful implementation of an OKR (objectives and key results) system across all departments. This entailed breaking down the OKRs at an individual level, assigning specific objectives to team members, and evaluating their contributions to departmental and overall company success. In terms of strategies to leave behind, I've recognized the inefficiency of attempting to handle everything independently for the sake of speed. Moving forward, I aim to abandon the practice of deciding to handle tasks myself without proper delegation. This shift acknowledges that, although delegation might take longer initially, it ultimately leads to faster and more effective results than attempting to tackle tasks individually.

Ashley Rector

Founder of Quimby Digital, specializing in cutting-edge social media marketing and targeted paid advertising, crafting bespoke strategies that amplify brand presence.


My strategies for success: Social media storytelling strategies are giving us life in 2024. We’re amplifying our storytelling game by leveraging a mix of emotive narratives and user-generated content to forge stronger connections with audiences. This involves deep-diving into analytics to understand what resonates most with our followers, then crafting stories that not only engage but also inspire action. We’re integrating interactive elements like polls and Q&A sessions, making our social platforms a two-way conversation rather than a broadcasting channel. Additionally, we’re exploring serialized content, turning single posts into ongoing stories to build anticipation and sustained engagement.

Rana Good

Founder of Naïra, a digital magazine for women of color, celebrating inspiring women in beauty, travel, style, and culture.


My strategies for success: My greatest business success in 2023 came through hiring talented women, which I want to continue in 2024. Hiring a social media manager helped double our Instagram following; we created many great articles through freelance writers around the world; and I worked with an incredible web designer to revamp our site. My online magazine celebrates the creativity and accomplishments of women, and hiring the best talent helped us grow too.

Anne Kavanagh

CEO of Ossa, a podcast advertising and creator management platform. 


My strategies for success: We are intensifying our focus on smart talent acquisition and team building, prioritizing the hiring of individuals who embody our culture of growth and innovation. This approach, guided by a “right time, right place” philosophy, ensures each new team member significantly contributes to our mission of democratizing podcast advertising. As we enter the new year, we're refining our operations to concentrate on high-ROI activities, aligning every action with our core key performance indicators. This targeted strategy, coupled with a commitment to agile innovation, positions us to adapt swiftly to market changes and emerging opportunities, always with a focus on the evolving needs of our clients and creators.

Anouck Gotlib

CEO of Belgian Boys, creating whole ingredient foods with a European twist so families can prepare less, smile more, and indulge better.


My strategies for success: In 2023, I introduced my team at Belgian Boys to a new way of reflecting. We "playback the tape." Whether something turns into a wild success or tragic failure, playing back the tape allows us to focus on how it happened instead of getting stuck on the outcome. We can learn from everything we do, and playing back a project or time period’s tape gives us a pause to reflect on the who/what/how along the way. Sometimes we realize we needed more help than we asked for or perhaps no one specific person had enough ownership. Maybe there were logistical challenges or too many competing priorities. Maybe it was death by a thousand cuts. In any case, we can use this review to do things differently in the future versus planting the “failure” or “success” flag and moving along to the next.

Zahra Yarahmadi

Founder and CEO of BG Financial Consulting Group, a boutique financial consulting company supporting emerging startups that are going through a fundraising and scaling period.


My strategies for success: I will continue maintaining a strong focus on understanding and meeting the unique needs of each client, especially startups and investors in the tech and SaaS sectors. I will continue to provide tailored solutions to complex business challenges, leveraging my background and experience to offer insightful and practical advice. I will start actively seeking collaborations with other industry experts and firms to broaden our service offerings and reach. I will leave behind traditional marketing approaches and over-reliance on specific markets.

Stacie Sussman

CRO at RevUp Advisory, turning revenue plateaus into revenue peaks. 


My strategies for success: As we reflect on our journey, a pivotal achievement has been the implementation and success of our growth strategy. We adopted a marketing funnel, akin to those used by course creators and influencers, to engage individuals unfamiliar with our company. We've dedicated resources to free content and LinkedIn Lives, where we share a wealth of expertise accumulated over decades. The response to these initiatives has been overwhelmingly positive, underscoring the efficacy of our strategies. In the coming year, our focus will be on strategically aligning our engagements with our objectives for 2024, ensuring every interaction contributes meaningfully to our goals.

Sydney Sherman de Arenas

Founder and CEO of Montie & Joie, connecting customers to a global community of talented artisans and revolutionizing the fashion, homegoods, and interiors industry.


My strategies for success: In 2024, we’re going to be improving our inventory management systems to be detailed and efficient, allowing us to seamlessly keep track of every item in stock. We’re also going to be getting rid of anything that isn’t mission critical. For example, we’re not investing in digital marketing or social media until the company can afford to. I’m cutting everything down to the basics so I can be far more strategic and impactful with our money.

Jamie Langskov

Founder of Chaotic Good Consulting LLC, specializing in the launch, scale, and rescue of B2B SaaS communities and customer experience programs.


My strategies for success: My theme for success in 2024 is to diversify revenue and distill value. As a creator and knowledge worker, there are a number of ways to deploy my skills and expertise. Traditionally, we've been taught to just get a job to be successful. However, I think a lot of us have learned throughout 2023 that when you depend on one employer or one person for your entire income, the rug can be pulled out from under you at any point. This year will be the year of the solopreneur as more company folks turn to consulting, content creation, and finding supplemental income streams to provide themselves and their families with increased financial stability. 

Jessica Sikora

Founder and CEO of SUPERBANDS, a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to promoting positive mental well-being for teen music fans through wish-granting opportunities.

jessica sikora

My strategies for success: In 2024, Superbands will be enhancing partnerships with both youth organizations and the music industry nationwide. Our focus on these collaborations will not only strengthen our sense of community, but it will help us build connections and amplify the importance of our mission to empower young people through music. Along the way, we learned about surrounding ourselves with the right partnerships and building our network with those who truly believe in our mission. This can mean walking away from the wrong connections or partnerships to ensure we stay true to our North Star and focus on the right path forward. 

Amethysta Herrick

Founder of Purplepaw Publications, advancing our understanding of gender and its role in individual efficacy by publishing thoughtful writing, public speaking, and podcasts.


My strategies for success: In 2023, Purplepaw launched its first website, Gender Identity Today, to promote new thought in identity and gender. Looking forward to 2024, we are developing a new endeavor devoted to feminism and the role of the divine feminine in society. Beyond publishing written content, we also intend to create more video and audio content, especially to promote appearances on other podcasts. As symbols of our own beliefs, we intend to show the importance of discovering gender and identity as opposed to simply talking about it.

Taryn McCarty

Co-Founder of Ventnor Ventures, a sports-focused startup studio specializing in identifying and capitalizing on gaps in this accelerating growth sector.


My strategies for success: In the coming year, I plan to further refine our ecosystem-driven approach, continuously fostering synergy among our portfolio companies in the sports sector. I'm also excited to introduce advanced data analytics and AI-driven market analysis to identify emerging opportunities and enhance our investment decisions. While I remain committed to our core strategy of identifying and capitalizing on niche markets, we are shifting away from broader, less specialized investments to maintain a sharper focus on high-potential areas. This evolution of our strategy reflects our commitment to staying agile and responsive in a rapidly consolidating industry, ensuring sustained success and growth for Ventnor Ventures and our partners.

Ronit Menashe

Co-Founder and CEO of WeNatal, the first comprehensive prenatal vitamins for her and him, backed by science and mama approved.


My strategies for success: We've realized the importance of focus and having an outline with a clear strategy for the next year. We want to concentrate our efforts where we can make the biggest impact. Our primary focus in 2024 is accelerating education and becoming a hub for everything fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. Our daily mission is to educate and empower individuals with the latest fertility research that is presented in ways that are easy to understand, enabling everyone to optimize their health. We plan to delve even deeper into education by offering webinars and masterclasses from our experts. We believe that by offering these focused learning opportunities, we can further empower our community to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

Andrea Pappas

Founder and CEO of TextTeddy, a text-enable virtual assistant that helps busy people remember TV, movie, book, and podcast recommendations. 


My strategies for success: Community, co-working, and prioritizing what's important versus what's urgent. Community and being with like-minded peers is incredibly important to me. The entrepreneurial journey can be lonely, so I am thrilled to be accepted as part of the 2024 cohort for the NYC Startup Leadership Program. I am excited for the community and curriculum that will come from this six-month program. Also, I joined a professional co-working space called the Malin in NYC. It's been incredibly helpful to me to have a dedicated space outside my home to work.

Marnie Rabinovitch Consky

Founder and CEO of Thigh Society, the leading direct-to-consumer brand of size-inclusive long leg undergarment solutions to sweating, chafing, and modesty.


My strategies for success: In 2024, we’ll be keeping our strategy of listening to our customers who are our best source of ideas and inspiration for new products and new use cases for our multi-wear long leg underwear. We’ll also continue to explore and test new digital marketing channels to reach more customers and build and iterate on our learnings from 2023. On a personal level, I’m leaving behind the pursuit of perfection. It’s a constant work in progress to adopt a progress-over-perfection mindset and to remember that continuous improvement, making timely decisions, and learning from mistakes always trumps the overthinking, delayed decision-making, and missed opportunities that can come from a perfectionist mindset. 

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