Will Value Stocks Take Center Stage if the Economy Enters Recovery Mode?

Will Value Stocks Take Center Stage if the Economy Enters Recovery Mode?

As the Federal Reserve's battle against inflation unfolded, recessionary fears loomed large over the US economy. However, whispers of a "soft landing" – a scenario where the economy treads water instead of diving into recession – are gaining traction. While the future remains uncertain, this potential reprieve raises critical questions for investors: how will markets react, and could value stocks thrive in this environment?


Drawing from historical patterns, experts point towards a potentially favorable landscape for value stocks. Vanguard's mid-2023 report revealed a compelling trend: since 1979, value stocks have outperformed their growth counterparts during economic recoveries. Kevin DiCiurcio, CFA, head of the Vanguard Capital Markets Model® research team, underscores this historical relationship: "On average, value has outperformed during economic recoveries, historically speaking. So, if you believe that the Federal Reserve may have engineered a soft landing—that we're going to sidestep a recession and that the economy's next move is an acceleration—the case for value is strengthened."


While past performance isn't a guaranteed predictor of future returns, the allure of historical rhyme resonates in uncertain times. If the economy begins to climb out of its current lull, advisors and investors should keep a sharp eye on value stocks.

Finsum: Learn why some experts are revisiting value investing’s historical performance advantage during periods of economic recovery.


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