Why Taking Time To Understand the Business Matters with Alexandra Andrianova

Alexandra Andrianova

This year, we are doing Nasdaq’s annual internship program a little differently. As we navigate the novel COVID-19 pandemic, we have turned circumstance into a learning opportunity for interns joining us this year to participate in meaningful and long-term projects. Through the Nasdaq Futures Internship Program, we offer a variety of professional experiences for emerging talent through an immersive 10 to 12-week virtual internship program.

From Stockholm to US, meet few of the bright minds joining us digitally from all around the world. They are playing integral, “hands on” roles to help Nasdaq #RewriteTomorrow.

Today, we speak with Alexandra Andrianova, a marketing and communications intern at Nasdaq coming to us from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and majoring in Business Administration.

Tell us a little bit more about your role at Nasdaq.

As an intern on the Nasdaq Governance Solutions Marketing team, I’m part of a dynamic group which spearheads and executes the marketing strategy for Nasdaq’s SaaS (Software as a Service) governance product portfolio. So far, I’ve worked most alongside demand generation and content marketing efforts. I’ve helped ideate campaign opportunities, write copy for digital content, and manage our Salesforce data. Beyond campaign projects, I’ve also performed SEO audits and recently started tackling an initiative to optimize one of our webpages for SEO and PPC. Ultimately, my role at Nasdaq is to help increase its visibility as a global brand.

Why were you eager to do an internship at Nasdaq?

I was eager to do an internship at Nasdaq because of its incredible capacity to be an agent of change and I was thrilled at the opportunity to contribute to the company vision. Nasdaq is a leader in technology innovation, financial and business expertise, and capital market governance. It is a dynamic and impactful company that is constantly moving forward, which is so exciting to be a part of as a senior in college. Further, Nasdaq has an incredible company culture: the collaborative command structure enables you to find your voice among your team, fostering independence while also supporting your growth as a young professional.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about working here and on your team?

It’s really difficult to pinpoint the most interesting thing I’ve learned because every day spent at Nasdaq has introduced me to such valuable new insight. At Nasdaq, everyone is open and willing to connect and share what they’re working on, so I’ve loved being able to learn about initiatives across a wide variety of business units. Several of my favorite things to learn about have been the intricacies of search engine optimization, options trading, and ESG initiatives in capital markets. On a broader level, I’ve really learned how to leverage the resources at my disposal at Nasdaq to shape my internship experience and learn more about the things that interest me. To a large extent, I’m able to craft my narrative and my experience. Further, I’ve learned of the gravity of Nasdaq’s position as a global leader and the power behind the unified force of thousands of employees striving towards the same goal. 

Tell us about the most exciting project you’ve worked on so far.

The most exciting project I’ve worked on so far is outlining and implementing a website redesign for one of our SaaS product pages. What I like about this project is that the strategy for the redesign is largely data driven. We are making changes based on quantitative data (SEO metrics, pay per click, and conversion metrics), as well as qualitative analysis (assessing the UI/UX journey and how well we’re communicating our story and value proposition). This project has brought together both creative and data driven elements, making it one of my most interesting assignments so far. My favorite part about the project is being able to track whether or not the updates were successful based on the data we’ll be collecting after the page is updated. My hope is that the changes we make successfully improve our SEO and streamline future web editing, leaving a lasting impact after the summer is over. 

What do you hope to accomplish by the end of your time here?

My goals for my time at Nasdaq is to add value to my team, create long-lasting relationships with my teammates and fellow interns, and develop as a young professional. Being a part of the Nasdaq Futures program has been a tremendous opportunity for me to grow, especially during this time of crisis. Ultimately, I hope to accomplish tasks that will enable my team and add value in the long-term. Second, I want to create lasting relationships with the incredible people I’ve met at Nasdaq. Not only have I learned from my manager and mentors here, but I’ve also learned from bright and passionate fellow interns as well. I’m excited to keep in touch with other members of the Futures Program and see where our careers take us. Finally, for my own personal development, I hope to better equip myself to perform in a fast-paced, agile work environment. I believe this resilience will be crucial to succeeding in any future job endeavor and will be an amazing asset to take away with me from this experience.

Your advice for interns next year:

Take the time to understand the business! The key to doing well in whatever job you’re in is understanding the business and industry inside and out. There are many different business units that help make Nasdaq the resilient, innovative company it is. As an intern, it’s essential to take the time to learn how all of these units work together so that you can understand how your role contributes to the bigger picture. Beyond learning about Nasdaq as a whole, take every opportunity to reach out and speak to those outside of your business unit. It has been incredibly humbling to learn from such a driven, dedicated, and intelligent group of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Taking advantage of the breadth of knowledge, experience and resources at Nasdaq will make every day exciting and interesting! Lastly, find your own way to go above and beyond. Nasdaq is a culture of excellence and innovation and it’s up to you to help drive this culture forward. Be a self-starter, be resilient, and take every opportunity that comes your way — or even create your own. Opportunities at Nasdaq are present everywhere, it’s up to you to #RewriteTomorrow.

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