What's Behind the New Nasdaq

A little background. A lot of foresight.

In 1971, the microprocessor was born. Nasdaq wasted no time capitalizing on the new technology by bringing all-electronic trading to the market. Later in the decade, this provided the likes of Apple and Microsoft with the means to raise capital that was previously unavailable to them.

Sixteen years later on the other side of the Atlantic, OM became the world’s first publicly traded and listed exchange company. In 2007, Nasdaq merged with OMX with a vision to be a single company with a single mission: Deliver the kind of resources that would solve the logistics of the global capital markets.

That vision has served us well. So well, in fact, that Nasdaq transformed itself from a U.S.-based equities exchange to a diversified technology provider for thousands of global firms. Today, we’re the leading technology and information services provider to the capital markets. And our Global Trading and Market Service business have become a significant part of our client offerings.

All this can be traced to Nasdaq’s focus on synchronizing and optimizing market movement – an essential principle in the growth of business economies. No one else provides customers with such a high level of infrastructure, tools and strategic insight. Customers have taken advantage of the fact that we’re the single largest liquidity pool for U.S. equities (in volume traded). We’re also acclaimed for our top-rated data offerings. And, of course, for the Nasdaq 100 — home to many of the world’s most heralded securities.

Nasdaq. Nothing more, nothing less.

Regarding the growing resources of Nasdaq, CEO Bob Greifeld states that “the transformation of our industry has required an evolution in not only our products and services, but the manner in which we share them with our customers. Our new web portal will better showcase the true depth and breadth of the business offerings that have emerged.”

As you may have noticed from this new website, the OMX is no longer part of the Nasdaq name. We’ve taken this path because customer feedback has shown that the Nasdaq name has such high awareness and positive associations that it can stand on its own.

Explore our new site at your leisure and engage with it often. The videos include top-level descriptions of our four business divisions – Tech, Trade, Intel and List – and overviews of products and services that have built our reputation. If you’re looking for topical market news, insights and networking opportunities, we have plenty to offer there as well. There’s even an infographics section that illustrates how we can all overcome the challenges of today’s global capital markets. New content will be added frequently as the site continues to evolve.

If you have any questions about something you see, or something you don’t, reach out to us by completing one of our contact forms. We’re here to take you wherever your ambition leads.


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