Tuesday Apple Rumors: Apple Releases iOS 13.1 Beta

Leading the Apple (NASDAQ:) rumor mill today is news of a beta for iOS 13.1. Today, we’ll look at that and other Apple Rumors for Tuesday.

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iOS 13.1 Beta: , reports MacRumors. This is a bit strange as it has the company releasing this new beta before the base iOS 13 actually comes out. This may be a mistake on the company’s part. It could be that this was sent out before it was supposed to be, or that it is a misnamed iOS 13 beta 9. Either way, developers have something new to play with today.

Keyboard Patent: , AppleInsider notes. This patent is for a keyboard that uses light to determine key presses. This would have a beam of light being blocked when a key is pressed down. This would then send the signal that the key has been pressed. It’s an interesting idea for sure and could help the company avoid troubles with its MacBook Pro keyboards in the future.

iPhone 11 Leak: , reports BGR. The video shows a device with a triple-lens rear camera. It also has a display that shows the text “Hello” when turned on. Honestly, there’s now way to know if this is really the next iPhone. There are definitely some red flags and this could just be a Chinese knockoff.

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