TradeTalks: ION Energy Powers the Natural Gas Market

Founded in 2008, ION Energy Group is the largest natural gas options brokerage in the world and also has a strong presence in other energy-related products. ION Energy Group has also closely collaborated with Nasdaq since the launch of its Nasdaq Futures Exchange (NFX) in 2015, executing the first ever natural gas options contract on the Nasdaq Exchange.

“When an exchange like NFX comes into the space, it is a good thing for the industry and we were happy to support NFX and be the first to put a trade through,” Sid Perkins, Founder and Managing Partner of ION Energy Group said. “With more competition in the space, it reduces transaction costs across the board and that helps to increase trading volume and liquidity, which is important to the industry.

It is an interesting time in the natural gas market with the United States in the position of being a net exporter. “It has been a monumental shift in the industry just in the last 10-15 years, shifting from a net importer to an exporter,” Kyle Cooper, Director of Research at ION Energy Group said. “It’s a new market for suppliers and producers that has never been available to them before.”

To hear more about the energy markets, check out this video as Perkins and Cooper join Jill Malandrino at the Nasdaq MarketSite.

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