Top Meme Stocks To Buy Today? 2 To Know

The stock market includes a phenomenon known as “meme stocks”. These are shares of companies that gain popularity through social media and internet forums. These stocks often see rapid price increases driven more by viral attention and speculative trading than by the company’s fundamentals. Commonly discussed on platforms like Reddit, these stocks can become the center of trading frenzies.

Investing in meme stocks offers the potential for substantial gains in a very short period due to their volatile nature. Investors might experience exciting surges in stock prices as more traders flock to these shares. However, the disadvantages are significant. Meme stocks are extremely risky and can lead to hefty losses just as quickly as gains. Their prices can fluctuate wildly on rumors and hype, not grounded in the company’s actual performance or market position.

Overall, meme stocks are not typical investment choices for those seeking long-term growth and stability. They suit speculative investors who can afford potential losses and are looking to ride the waves of market sentiment. It’s crucial for investors to research thoroughly and consider the high risk associated with these stocks before diving in. Moreover, here are two meme stocks to keep an eye on in the stock market today.

Meme Stocks To Watch In The Stock Market Today

GameStop (GME Stock)

consumer stocks (GME stock)

Leading off, GameStop Corporation (GME) is a global retailer of video games, electronics, and gaming merchandise. Known for its extensive selection of new and pre-owned gaming consoles, video games, and gaming accessories, GameStop operates thousands of retail stores across several countries. The company also owns and operates a digital platform for game distribution and offers various customer services, including trade-ins and reservations.

Back in March, GameStop reported its most recent fourth-quarter 2023 financial results. In detail, the company posted earnings of $0.22 per share, with revenue of $1.79 billion for the quarter. Additionally, net income was $63.1 million for Q4 2023, compared to a net income of $48.2 million during the same quarter, the previous year.

Over the last five trading days, shares of GME stock have jumped higher by 211.31%. Meanwhile, during Tuesday morning’s trading session, GameStop stock is up 63.68% on the day so far, trading at $49.84 a share.

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AMC Entertainment (AMC Stock)

AMC Stock

Next, AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (AMC) is one of the largest movie exhibition companies in the world. The company has theaters primarily in the United States and Europe. AMC operates approximately 900 theaters and 10,000 screens worldwide, providing a range of services and experiences including traditional film programming, independent films, and a plethora of concessions.

Earlier this month, AMC Entertainment announced its first-quarter 2024 financial and operating results. Diving in, the company posted a Q1 2024 loss of $0.78 per share, with revenue of $951.40 million for the quarter.

Looking at the last five trading days, shares of AMC stock have increased by 193.33%. While, on Tuesday morning, AMC Entertainment stock is trading up 78.03% on the day thus far, at $9.24 a share.

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