Time Magazine Lists ‘Comfort With Bitcoin’ as Qualification for New CFO

Time Inc. office building, New York

A job listing for a chief financial officer at Time Magazine lists “comfort with [b]itcoin and other cryptocurrencies” as a qualification alongside all the other more traditional requirements one might expect for such a position.

  • The LinkedIn job ad, posted Monday, shows that awareness of cryptocurrencies is penetrating the C-suite in a way that would have been unthinkable a year ago.
  • That growth in awareness has been driven in part by companies like MicroStrategy and Tesla that have added bitcoin to their corporate treasuries.
  • Looking for a crypto-savvy CFO is in character with Time’s recent moves to expand its digital footprint and reshape one of the most storied brands in media into one that is relevant in today’s world.
  • Jumping on the the non-fungible token (NFT) craze, Time released three NFTs for auction on Monday that are inspired by one of the magazine’s most iconic covers, “Is God Dead?”.

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