This Simple Move Could Give You 486% Returns, 8%+ Dividends

By Michael Foster

Today weaEURtmre going to talk about the biggest threat to your portfolio (and dividends!) you face in 2020.

ItaEURtms not a recession. ItaEURtms a near-irresistible human impulseaEUR"purposely amped up by the financial pressaEUR"that could lock in big losses for you, or cause you to miss out on a huge gain, like the 486%+ some investors left on the table.

LetaEURtms talk about that now. It starts with all the doom-and-gloom stories youaEURtmve likely read about a looming market crash lately. (TheyaEURtmre hard to miss: you can find at least one on most major news sites every day.)

First off, donaEURtmt believe the hype: truth is, thereaEURtms a lot of data saying we arenaEURtmt anywhere near a downtick, let alone a full-blown once-in-a-lifetime collapse. As I recently explained in aEURoe2 Investment Worries to Shrug Off (and Profit From) in 2020,aEUR the numbers suggest the US economy is in a healthy, medium-growth environment: pretty much the opposite of a crash or the bubbly activity that precipitates a crash.

But youaEURtmd never know it from the last decade of headlines aEUR

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