'The sinister attracted me': Brazilian tattoo artist morphs into devil look-alike


By Pablo Leite Garcia

SAO PAULO, Aug 20 (Reuters) - Brazilian tattoo artist Michel Faro Prado has taken body modification to a new level by transforming himself into a devil look-alike.

Prado, known on social media as Diabao Praddo or Devil Praddo, changed his appearance by tattooing 80% of his body, reducing his nose size and removing one of his ring fingers to mimic a claw-like hand. He also has sharpened fangs and implanted horns.

"Turning into the devil wasn't something I planned, it was not my idea," said Prado. "The sinister attracted me."

Once homeless and a drug addict, the 46-year-old tattoo artist said those tough years helped make him a better man who is constantly working towards self-knowledge.

Despite his frightening image, Prado says he has a good heart.

His wife Carol Prado, 36, who is known as Demon Woman, also altered her body to fit the image.

The Sao Paulo-based couple have undergone their most extreme modifications during the last five years.

Even though he has faced prejudice and hate, Prado has learned not to care what others think about him.

"What I desire differs from society's established patterns," he said. "I receive so much love, so much love that it (prejudice) has become so small."

(Reporting by Pablo Leite Garcia; Writing by Nina Lopez; Editing by Diane Craft)

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