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The Importance of Sharing Experience and Accessibility Tools with Mantas Rudomanskas

Mantas Rudomanskas

At Nasdaq, we consistently aim to work with and uplift our colleagues with disabilities, their families and supporters. The Nasdaq Accessibility Network seeks to create and empower an inclusive community focused on the diverse needs of Nasdaq’s disabled colleagues. By fostering a supportive, informed and informative workplace community, we aim to provide networking opportunities, host programs and events, and promote policies that provide employees with resources to help them prosper in their professional and personal lives.

We recently spoke with Mantas Rudomanskas, manager for the Client Support Team in EMEA. 

Talk to us about your role at Nasdaq and what you do in your day-to-day. 

I am a manager for the Client Support Team in EMEA. We have Directors Desk and Nasdaq Boardvantage SaaS solutions, designed for Boards and Directors in listed and not listed companies worldwide. I work with the onboarding of new companies and host training sessions for Administrators, Corporate Secretaries, IT, and Directors. I assist, share the best practices, and work with troubleshooting when they do have issues. 

Why did you choose to join Nasdaq Accessibility Program? 

In my portfolio, I have a few companies with visually impaired Directors. I am investigating different features, screen reader applications on different devices and collaborating with our Product team, finding ways how we can enhance our system and implement features that are available in the market.

By talking with each other, sharing experiences, we can learn, understand, and achieve more.  

I got closer to accessibility issues and understood what people are facing when I have traveled to Cardiff, a town in Wales, United Kingdom, where I met a dim-sighted director and his assistant. I then understood how hard it is for the Director to reset the password, how many different steps he has to take to collaborate with the rest of his Board.

I also called our local Association of Blind to hear about the issues they are facing in the city every day.

Why is discussing disability in the workplace a critical topic? Why is it important in technology? 

Most of the visually impaired Directors have their own Personal Assistants who are reading materials to them, annotating the documents, and helping to prepare for the meeting. In Nasdaq Boardvantagewe have an annotation feature, where directors can highlight, draw or write, share their notes, have discussions on different topics without leaving the document page; however, the visually impaired cannot use it themselves.

A lot of product innovation could come from the achievements that we reach by discussing disability and improving our technology. All of us would like to control our devices by speech, this is the next generation, and this is coming from disability discussions.

Could you share a memorable experience while being a part of the ERG? 

After sending my application to join Nasdaq Accessibility NetworkI received an email from Henrik Ruffel, co-lead at the Nasdaq Accessibility Network. He said that he has a special interest in screen readers and accessible products since he is blind and dependent on the screen reader (Jaws) in order to carry out his daily work. People who are dependent on accessibility tools are closer to us than we might think.

Also, I am excited to be working on a new Nasdaq Boardvantage app that we are planning to release in Q1 2022, which is fully developed for visually impaired Directors.

What are your main goals within the employee resource group? 

To share my knowledge, to innovate together, and enhance our products – to enhance other people’s lives.

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