The Economic Indicators Shaping GBP/CAD -

Key Influential Events

Investors are now poised for the Bank of Canada‘s upcoming meeting and UK’s PMI figures on Wednesday. Midweek releases, including the UK’s PMI data, are predicted to showcase an economic upturn in Britain. A confirmation of these expectations might enhance sterling’s attractiveness. In contrast, a softer stance from the Bank of Canada’s meeting could apply downward pressure on the Canadian dollar. Should the central bank lower its growth forecast, markets might expect an earlier interest rate cut.

Detailed CFTC Data Analysis

The CFTC’s recent findings have signaled an increasingly bearish perspective on the Canadian dollar, potentially due to concerns over volatile oil prices and anticipated interest rate adjustments. A surge in net short positions implies a market bracing for a potential decrease in the Canadian dollar’s value, affecting the GBP/CAD exchange rate.

BOE Rate Expectations

The UK economy has recently sent mixed signals to investors, with a sudden increase in consumer price inflation suggesting enduring price pressures, while a notable dip in retail sales and wage growth has raised concerns of an economic deceleration. These developments are essential to consider when examining the GBP/CAD currency pair’s movements.

With traders pricing in a 60% probability of a BOE rate cut by May, and fully pricing a 25 basis point cut by June, the sterling faces potential headwinds. Should these rate reductions materialize later than BoC decision on rate cut, we could witness a softening of the CAD relative to the GBP.

Significance of Upcoming Economic Data Releases

The forthcoming Purchasing Managers’ Indexes for Britain due on Wednesday can have the potential to bolster the sterling if they reflect economic vigor, potentially elevating the GBP/CAD pair, while, the Canadian dollar’s recent fallback hints at market trepidation ahead of the Bank of Canada’s policy decision. A dovish pivot could result in further weakening against the pound, thereby affecting the future course of GBP/CAD.

Technical Analysis for GBP/CAD

In the technical landscape, the GBP/CAD has been navigating an upward trajectory, trading confidently between a defined support at 1.70328 and a resistance at 1.71659. As it floats above the pivotal 50 and 100-day moving averages, a push past the current resistance could pave the way to targets at 1.72004 and even 1.72472. Should this bullish vigor persist, we may see the pair approach the significant one-year high at 1.72989.

Alternative Scenarios

On the flip side, should the bullish front waver and buyers pull back, we foresee the first line of defense forming at the 1.70328 support level, adjacent to the 50-day moving average. A breach below this threshold could lead to intensified selling pressure, drawing eyes towards deeper supports near the 1.69773 to 1.69274 zone, around the 100-day average.

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