The Best Day of the Week To Score Discounts at Restaurants

In our fast-paced lives, taking a break from cooking is a welcome respite and the idea of enjoying a scrumptious meal without any dish duty is pure bliss. Plus, dining out is the ultimate social treat, perfect for catching up with friends or family in a comfortable setting.

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But, if you’re not careful, those restaurant bills can pile up. Fear not, there is a surefire trick to save your wallet while enjoying good food — knowing the secret days to score the best deals at restaurants.

Keep reading to discover which days are the best for affordable dining without sacrificing quality social time, as well as the days you might want to avoid

Mondays Feature the Best Deals

The day of the week can make or break your dining discount dreams. Since weekends are usually restaurants’ busiest nights, Mondays come out as the unsung heroes, offering fantastic deals and discounts. The beginning of the week tends to be quieter, and restaurants want to entice folks to drop by. 

“Monday is the best day because it is the slowest,” said Peter Klamka, the previous owner of Las Vegas restaurant The Blind Pig. “They also likely have unsold inventory from the weekend. If the restaurant is empty on a Monday or Tuesday regardless of the day, ask your server, ‘Hey if I get two of these, is one free?’ Discounts are most likely available on appetizers and desserts. It could also work on specials since those are likely unsold from the weekend.”

To help bring in more of a crowd on the slower days, the restaurant is more likely to offer savings to Monday visitors. 

“I worked in restaurant management for years,” said David Bakke, a money-saving expert at Dollar Sanity. “I can tell you that the earlier in the week the better for scoring discounts at restaurants for adults. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally slower days, so that’s when you can expect to see coupons, in-house specials, digital discounts and other perks for dining out.”

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If You Don’t Make It on Monday, Try Tuesday 

While discount offerings fluctuate across eateries, chances are high that if a favored establishment does not offer Monday incentives, it might on Tuesday.

“Many restaurants offer promotions or special deals to attract customers during the typically slower midweek period,” said Bill Ryan Natividad, head of operations at the financial comparison website Finty. “Tuesday specials often include discounted prices, 2-for-1 deals or reduced prices on specific menu items.” 

Don’t Forget About Happy Hour

If you want to save as much as possible when eating out, consider stacking deals by going out to eat on a Monday or Tuesday and eating out during the happy hour.

“Additionally, some restaurants may offer happy hour promotions during weekdays, typically between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., which can present great opportunities for savings,” Natividad said. “By dining on Tuesday evenings or during happy hour, diners can enjoy significant savings while savoring their favorite meals.”

Avoid Friday and Saturday If You’re Looking To Save 

Most restaurants don’t need any help bringing in a crowd on the weekends; so, if you’re looking to save, it’s best to avoid going out to eat on these nights of the week. 

“The worst day of the week to score discounts at restaurants is generally on weekends, particularly Friday and Saturday nights,” Natividad said. “These evenings are popular dining times when many individuals choose to enjoy a meal outside their homes. As demand increases, so do the prices and the likelihood of restaurants not offering significant discounts.

“Therefore, if your main aim is to save money, I would recommend avoiding dining out on weekends, as prices tend to be higher, and deals might be scarce.”

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