The 7 Best Startups You Can Buy on Republic Right Now

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Republic is an equity crowdfunding platform that offers investment opportunities in startups, real estate, video games and crypto. The platform has gained traction, with more than $700 million invested since 2016. It has at least 1.5 million members and has hosted more than 600 deals.

The startups that have gained traction are typically the most-funded companies on the site. This indicates their sales pitch presentations, visions, business opportunities and prospects are strong. The seven startups featured in this article have considerable funding. Investors seem to like them, finding their businesses a good fit for their needs, aspirations and personal goals.

As always, due diligence is always recommended, as is fully understanding the total risks. But with that in mind, let’s take a closer look at these equity crowdfunding opportunities on Republic:

  • Guac
  • Applaudable
  • Thimble
  • Lambs
  • We Are The New Farmers
  • Drop Delivery
  • Pickzen

Equity Crowdfunding: Guac

Online banking businessman using smartphone with credit card Fintech and Blockchain concept

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Guac is a solution to your financial worries. Living paycheck-to-paycheck is a stressful problem that affects not just your finances, but also your quality of life. Spending habits are one reason some struggle to save enough to reach their goals. Guac makes saving as easy as spending by emphasizing the power of automation.

The smart concept behind Guac’s approach is for users to to tip themselves first and save while spending. It works by setting a goal and the exact date you desire to achieve it. Guidance is provided to each user to achieve success.

By setting the exact percentage you want to save, there is total control over the amount you set aside. Shopping through the Guac marketplace with more than 100 partners to choose from, you get cash back from purchases. Guac has been named the Top Personal Finance App 2021 by Daily Finance and is the number-one-rated Money Management tool by SuperMoney.

The finance platform is suitable for Millennials, Generation Z and enterprise partners, as the key is a patent-pending, percentage-based savings tool. It has multiple revenue streams, including marketplace commissions, subscriptions and enterprise partner revenue share.

You can invest in Guac on Republic with a minimum of $150.


a smartphone lies on a table as cartoon representations of social media, email and text notifications float overhead. social media stocks

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Social media has evolved in the past year so much that now, we are talking about social media 3.0. This is a new, advanced social media mindset for business, social networking, websites and blogs. There is one main problem though to be solved, though: Social media can become very toxic, with negative effects on our lives.

Applaudable wants to change social media and make it better. Many posts on popular social media platforms are not useful to other people, like influencers showing their latest car bought with money made online. What if social media was just about awareness, recognition and sharing user experiences — the ones with a deeper meaning?

Users on this new social media platform will be able to “applaud” useful content based on great experiences and share it with additional information. It is much more than just paid advertising posts. By searching for posts by other people with similar interests, added value content is created and shared. Users can avoid the noise that exists online.

Applaudable will generate revenue from two sources: its native marketplaces, including items like apparel, and its affiliate marketplaces. The vision is bold: It wants to disrupt the $177 billion social media advertising market.

You can invest in Applaudable on Republic with a minimum of $266.

Equity Crowdfunding: Thimble

a child in front of a laptop taking notes while viewing an online class

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Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills are very important for solving real-world problems, and children can learn them in school. These include creativity, critical thinking and collaboration, and they can set the foundation for future leaders.

Many U.S. schools struggle to provide an adequate education on coding and engineering. Teachers do not have the required tools and curriculum, and parents do not have the expertise or time to teach STEM skills to their children. By providing instruction via live online classes at schools or at home, Thimble uses tools like robotics kits to teach children about popular sciences like robotics, coding and engineering.

With its curriculum featuring lessons, classroom kits and 24/7 access to online examples, instructions and exercises, the company makes STEM skills more applicable and fun for kids. The Thimble platform includes kits, classes and professional training — everything that is needed for advanced skills children can use in real life.

The business model has an annual recurring fee that is accounts for kits, software licenses and professional development. Thimble is in the e-learning industry, which is anticipated to grow to $275 billion globally by the end of 2025.

You can invest in Thimble on Republic with a minimum of $100.


colorful clothes on a white rack with a bright yellow background

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Lambs specializes in “apparel that boosts your immune health, cognition, recovery and sleep.” I must say when I read it, I was intrigued. How is this possible?

The answer is that every day, we are exposed to wireless and ultraviolet (UV) radiation that may increase stress levels and symptoms like poor sleep and fatigue. Lambs has created a clever solution in the form of a T-shirt to address the problem of wireless radiation affecting brain health.

Its fabric technology helps to block 99% of radiation caused by cell phones and Wi-Fi. It protects from UV radiation and is antimicrobial. Lambs claims its T-shirt reduces oxidative stress and has a plethora of benefits.

It lists benefits including better sleep, a better immune system, more energy, having an improved mind with better memory and more happiness, better skin, and on top of these mitigating early aging problems.

Lamb’s technology is inspired by spacesuits. Its fabric is patent-pending, tested and certified. This equity crowdfunding opportunity is expecting to generate revenue of $15 million in 2022. Additionally, athletes in major sports leagues like the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) are wearing Lambs as a performance booster.

You can invest in Lambs on Republic with a minimum of $250.

Equity Crowdfunding: We Are The New Farmers

Vegetables and fruits are scattered over a white background.

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Depending on its quality, our food affects the environment, contributes to the climate crisis and can make us sick. The artificial ingredients added in food are there to cover mass production, often at the expense of our health. Could the solution to food quality issues be creating sustainable food products from microalgae?

We Are The New Farmers thinks so, creating food made of microalgae like spirulina. Microalgae can be the basis of all-natural and sustainable foods that are both delicious and full of proteins, in contrast to junk food we often consume.

Microalgae have several strong qualities, such as the ability to transform carbon into proteins. They are full of valuable nutrients and can be a sustainable solution to global warming.

The business model is a direct-to-consumer (D2c) model, selling fresh spirulina and high-margin products to customers via the website. It targets the U.S. smoothie ingredients market, which is estimated to be worth more than $1 billion in sales every year. The firm is planning to expand its products to include boosters, bites and bowls. It will also expand beyond its pilot facility in Brooklyn to operate in New York and Los Angeles.

You can invest in We Are The New Farmers on Republic with a minimum of $100.

Drop Delivery

Young green medicinal marijuana plant in a pot after a rain fall shallow depth of field with focus on leaf

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The cannabis industry has been a popular investment topic in the past. It could continue to gain interest, as someday, the use of cannabis could become fully legal at the federal level in the U.S. market. Drop Delivery helps other cannabis retailers deliver their products with safety, convenience and reliability with its all-in-one delivery management software.

This solution simplifies the deliveries of cannabis retailers by handling all required steps in daily business operations. That includes inventory, driver logistics, the marketing tools to boost revenue growth and many more resources.

Drop Delivery is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that is profitable and growing fast. The traction is present as of its launch, with more than $44 million in gross merchandise volume (GMV) processed so far and nearly 351,000 registered users.

The business model has a monthly subscription pricing plus a service fee of 99 cents per order. But it also has other ways of generating revenue, such as marketing packages and services. By removing the stress from cannabis retailers, Drop Delivery is targeting the fast-growing global legal marijuana market, which could reach $145 billion by 2025.

You can invest in Drop Delivery on Republic with a minimum of $150.

Equity Crowdfunding: Pickzen

A laptop is open to a marketplace and there is a small cart with boxes on the keyboard. online shopping.

Source: Natee Photo / Shutterstock

Online shopping should be a fun and simple experience. Pickzen is an automated platform that makes e-commerce efficient and easy to handle for brands and retailers.

Pickzen allows customers shopping online to visit any brand and receive personalized recommendations based on their preferences by answering a few questions. The brand gathers the answers and sends shopping ideas that are the best fit for the customer’s needs and preferences. Shopping gets down to the point, as it should.

Furthermore, Pickzen’s selling platform provides valuable insights into businesses such as leads, return on investment and funnel analytics. These are incredibly important for businesses trying to understand how customers navigate a website.

Customers get a personalized shopping experience, and businesses offer recommendations that could convert more boosting revenues. It is the best of both worlds.

The business model is a customizable business-to-business (B2B) SaaS model suitable for small businesses, enterprise brands and agencies. What is interesting is this online shopping experience is offered to businesses without the need to use any coding at all.

Pickzen targets the global low- and no-code market that is growing very fast, expected to reach $27.23 billion in 2022 compared to only $2.34 billion in 2017.

You can invest in Pickzen on Republic with a minimum of $100.

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