The 7 Best Investing Podcasts for 2021 for Serious Investors

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The growth of the internet has caused a boom in new forms of media, from social media to podcasts. The term podcasting has become ubiquitous, and Nielson sees the audience for podcasts doubling by 2023. There are a lot of good ones out there helping make people smarter about a lot of topics — including the stock market. And the best investing podcasts can help build wealth and improve your investment portfolio.

This list eliminates the fluff and concentrates on investment podcasts from successful, long-term investors with strong pedigrees.

We’re still dealing with a global pandemic and the U.S. government is experiencing extreme divisions. Although you can’t control Covid-19 or the government, you can take charge of your investing acumen. Now is the ideal time to shore up your investment knowledge.

Here is a list of some of the best investment podcasts for everyone from beginners to sophisticated investors. Some of the shows are from the big players like Schwab, while others hail from smaller but still experienced investment-savvy individuals and teams.

  • Capital Allocators
  • Sound Investing
  • Animal Spirits
  • Value Investing With Legends
  • MoneyTree Investing Podcast
  • Financial Decoder
  • The Mab Faber Show


Best Investing Podcasts: Capital Allocators – Best Podcast for Convos with Elite Fund Managers

Ted Seides, host and author of a new book by the same name, carries a heavy pedigree with a Harvard MBA and 14 years at the helm of a hedge fund investment firm, Protege Partners. The show delves into the top names in investment management. All types of investors will enjoy the inside look at the crafting of elite investment portfolios. The interviews are certain to inspire investors with portfolio construction ideas. A few recent guests include Charles Ellis, Alex Rodriguez and Patrick O’shaughnessy

Recent episodes:

  • Private Equity Master 2: John Connaughton – Bain Capital
  • Katy Milkman – How to Change
  • Alex Rodriguez – Business After Baseball

Sound Investing – Best Investing Podcast for Fund Investors

Paul Merriman has decades of experience in the investment world and just launched his latest book, We’re Talking Millions! 12 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Retirement. He runs the Merriman Financial Education Foundation and is the “real deal” when it comes to investment wisdom. No BS, just sensible investment ideas.

Recent episodes:

  • Wait How Long? Talking Real Money
  • What if You Don’t Have 30 Years Ahead to Invest?
  • 3 Investor Myths Debunked

Animal Spirits – Best Podcast for Active Investors

Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson, experienced investors and members of the Ritholz Wealth Management firm, tackle investing ideas and strategies with a unique flair. The pair is smart, personable, and knowledgeable. Due to their stature in the investment world, they can snare top-notch investment guests. If you’re seeking investment strategies and ideas, this is a good place to start. Their market analysis is top notch.

Recent episodes:

  • The Wealthiest Generation
  • Talk Your Book: Anti-Carry
  • Talk Your Book: Investing in Volatility


Best Investing Podcasts: Value Investing with Legends – Best Podcast for Value Investors

Columbia Business School, the home of Benjamin Graham and value investing, continues promoting the merits of value investing. In fact, the podcast stresses that value investing is more than a strategy, but a way of thinking about finance. This show continues with the premise that despite changes in the markets and economy, value investing remains the most successful money management strategy. The show strives to promote the Graham and Dodd value investing principles through the insights from world-renowned investors.

Recent episodes:

  • Elizabeth Lilly – Embodying the Principles of Value Investing
  • Anna Nikolayevsky – The Value of Independent Thought
  • David Marcus – Developing a 3D Perspective of Investing

MoneyTree Investing Podcast – Best Podcast for Diversified Investment Ideas

Host Kirk Chisholm showcases a wide range of investment strategies and approaches. This podcast is great for those looking to broaden their investment portfolio and learn about a wide range of investment strategies from day trading and private mortgages to litigation financing. Additionally, economic and market analyses by expert guests rounds out the line up of episodes. The format includes a guest interview followed by an expert panel discussion of related investing topics. Panelists Megan Gorman, myself and others share decades of investing perspectives.

Recent episodes:

  • Daniel Crosby: Behavioral Finance
  • A Historical Approach to Asset Allocation Investing
  • Secured Mortgage Notes: Finding Yield in a Low Yield Environment

Financial Decoder – Best Podcast for Investing and Behavioral Finance

Financial Decoder is one of four Schwab podcasts. Host Mark Riepe, head of the Schwab Center for Financial Research, talks about the behavioral finance and psychological factors that impact investors. As you might expect, Charles Schwab puts out an exceptional investment podcast. Even the most experienced investors are subject to behavioral biases. Riepe interviews expert guests and examines portfolio management, retirement planning, personal finance through the lens of your behavioral biases.

Recent episodes:

  • How Can You Protect Your Portfolio Against Inflation
  • Are You Rationalizing an Investing Mistake?
  • Should You Invest in Socially Responsible Funds?

The Meb Faber Show Best Podcast for Sophisticated Investors

Rounding out this list of the best investing podcasts is the Meb Faber Show. Meb Faber, chief investment officer and founder at Cambria Investment, has a deep wealth of trading and investing background which covers equities, private funds, currencies, bonds, real estate, commodities, and more. His show delivers insights into today’s markets and both the art and science of investing. Guests include top investment professionals who shed light on the best investing approaches.

Recent episodes:

  • Edward McQuarrie – Sometimes Stocks Beat Bonds, Sometimes Bonds Beat Stocks
  • John Montgomery, Bridgeway Capital Management – A Factors-based World View Resonated With Me
  • Radio Show – Inflation or Deflation?…Foreign Stocks….Value and Momentum

As of this writing, Barbara Friedberg was a regular panelist on MoneyTree Investing Podcast. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the Publishing Guidelines.

Barbara A. Friedberg, MBA, MS is a veteran portfolio manager, expert investor, and former university finance instructor. She is editor/author of Personal Finance; An Encyclopedia of Modern Money Management and two additional money books. She is CEO of Robo-Advisor, a robo-advisor review and information website. Additionally, Friedberg is publisher of the well-regarded investment website Barbara Friedberg Personal Follow her on twitter @barbfriedberg and @roboadvisorpros. As of this writing, she did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities.

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