Tesla 'Megapack' Fire In California Causes Shelter-in-place

(RTTNews) - A fire in a Tesla, Inc (TSLA) storage facility on Tuesday triggered shelter-in-place advisory at Monterey in California. The fire in the facility, maintained by PG&E, was immediately kept in check by the authorities and the advisory has since been lifted.

The fire first erupted at around 1:30 AM of Tuesday from a Tesla Megapack, according to the local reports, in the Elkhorn battery storage facility in Monterey, California. This triggered the administration as the fire could spread to other battery packs, creating a disaster. The roads were closed for more than 12 hours and the residents were asked to stay indoors and keep the windows locked to keep the toxic fumes away.

The battery, a 182.5 mW system was one of the 256 kept in the facility. While the fire stopped with prompt response from the authorities, the battery kept on releasing toxins into the air. "While the fire is considered fully controlled, smoke may still occur in the area for several days," the public information for Monterey County tweeted.

This is not the first time a Tesla battery pack caught fire. Last year, a similar incident happened in Australia. There is another battery storage unit in Monterey's Moss county, operated by Vistra which has also experienced two incidents of battery heating.

PG&E's Jeff Smith noted, "Safety systems at the facility worked as designed when the issue was detected, and automatically disconnected the battery storage facility from the electrical grid."

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