Tallgrass Energy Partners Insider Adds to Stake

David Dehaemers Jr. ( Insider Trades ), CEO and president of Tallgrass Energy Partners LP ( TEP ), purchased 5,'…… shares of the company on May -6. The price per share was $45.-- for a total transaction of $-'9,…8'.

Tallgrass Energy Partners and Tallgrass Energy GP, LP are collectively referred to as Tallgrass Energy. Tallgrass Energy Partners is a limited partnership formed to own, operate, acquire and develop midstream energy assets in North America. Tallgrass Energy provides crude oil transportation to customers in Wyoming, Colorado and surrounding regions through Pony Express, which owns the crude oil pipeline, Pony Express System. Tallgrass Energy has a market cap of $'.-8 billion and a P/S ratio of 5.74.

The volume of insider buys decreased from six transactions of -84,……… shares in -…-' to -9 transactions totaling 75,6'4 shares in -…-4. The number and volume of insider buys increased to -5 transactions amounting to 4…,--4,57' shares in the following year.

Tallgrass Energy Holdings sold -… million shares and purchased the same amount of shares in -…-5. Ten percent owners Tallgrass Operations LLC and Tallgrass Equity LLC sold and purchased -… million shares. Dehaemers acquired -45,…'9 shares of the company in -4 transactions since May -…-'. The number of insider buys is indirectly related to the month-end price. -464'7-4'9585.png-464'7-445855.png For more information about insider trades with TEP, click here .

Tallgrass Energy reported total revenue of $-45.4- million for the first quarter ended on March '-. The company's total revenue increased from $--4.68 million reported in the first quarter of -…-5. Net income decreased from $-4.88 million, or 47 cents per share, to $-'.7- million, or '5 cents per share, in the same period. Annual revenue and annual net income follow an increasing trend line. -464'79479786.png-464'7949--'8.png Dehaemers commented that the company "produced an outstanding first quarter" partly due to "Pony Express' exceptional performance as well as the acquisition of an additional Pony Express membership interest by TEP." Dehaemers also stated that the "potential acquisition by TEP of a -5% interest in REX, a significant natural gas asset, will further strengthen, diversify and grow" the company. The close of the acquisition -5% interest in Rockies Express Pipeline was announced by TEP on May 9. The purchase from a unit of Sempra U.S. Gas and Power was for cash consideration of approximately $44… million.

In the first quarter, Ron Baron ( Trades , Portfolio ) increased his stake in TEP by 4….48%, acquiring -9,……… shares of the company at an average per share price of $'4.9', after increasing his stake by ''.58% in the previous quarter. The total estimated gain of the holding since the second quarter of -…-' is 4…%. Jim Simons ( Trades , Portfolio ) newly acquired 4-,6…… shares of TEP after selling out all -5,…'7 held shares in the third quarter of -…-5 for an average per share price of $45.…6. For more information about guru transactions with TEP, click here .

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The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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