Swiss Crypto Bank SEBA to Offer Token Securitization on Corda Network

Switzerland’s licensed crypto-first bank SEBA and Corda-based Digital Asset Shared Ledger (DASL) announced a new partnership on Wednesday letting the bank offer asset securitization services on Corda’s public network.

  • In an emailed press release, SEBA said it is the first digital bank to offer clients the ability to issue and invest in blockchain tokens that represent real tradable assets like treasury bonds or foreign exchange contracts on the open-source blockchain platform Corda. 
  • SEBA said in its statement that it will create a custodial wallet for customers, issue digital securities and distribute them to investor networks.
  • Luzius Meisser, founder of Switzerland’s Bitcoin Association, told CoinDesk via an email that it was good to see SEBA moving forward with tokenization as it is an application to which distributed ledger technology can add value. 
  • Earlier this year, SEBA partnered with TokenSoft’s European distributor to offer asset tokenization services in what it said was an effort to bridge the gap between traditional and digital financial systems.

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