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Supercharge Your Wealth: Harnessing the Power of Money Energy Through Healthy Habits

Most of us want to live longer and healthier lives. Perhaps you already incorporate healthy lifestyle changes to improve your longevity—and that’s good. But there’s a potential downside. Are you more at risk of running out of money in your later years? What would happen if you did?

From the point you leave the labor force to the remaining years of your retirement, your money, on average, needs to last 18 years, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.[1] But that’s based on retiring at age 63 and living until age 81. A single man aged 62 today has a 40% chance of living to at least age 85, and a single woman the same age has a 52% chance.

Do you have a life partner? If so, that’s good news in terms of longevity. There’s a 71% chance that one partner in a male/female couple will live to at least age 85. For a male/male partnership, it’s 64%, and for a female/female partnership, it’s 77%. These statistics were reported in 2018 and may have shifted in more recent years.

Regardless of a slight change up or down in probabilities or marital status, your financial future may depend on how investment markets perform over time, the extent to which you live frugally, or how close you are to a budget and financial planning. Those are some big “ifs” in life to consider. Add to the mix your ability to manage your health and stress levels, and you might begin to question the consequences of living longer on your future quality of life.

Do healthy habits offer significant benefits?

Living longer is a balance between your mental, nutritional, and physical wellness; that’s a given. An extensive body of recent research shows people who have found purpose and commitment in their lives tend to experience more happiness and less disease in the later years of life. That’s great too. But one form of wellness remains untapped: financial well-being—and our ability to extend the longevity of our money.

Securing Financial Independence for Your Golden Years

I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. Money Energy is not just a catchphrase; it's one of four essential energies that feed your overall life sustainability. The others are food, physical, and mental energies. There’s a co-dependency. While Money Energy was previously unknown and unmeasured, DNA Behavior has taken a scientific, proven approach to the concept.

We understand that an individual's behavioral style is pivotal in generating this energy, fostering ongoing learning and enhancing financial habits, and effectively handling and directing money-related emotions. The quantifiability of Money Energy is a game-changer. It signifies that we now possess the potential to shift from predictable outcomes to achieving quantum leaps with intensified focus. By mastering the energetic aspect of money, you alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with it and amplify its potential.

Money Matters: Paving the Way for an Ambitious Longevity Lifestyle

Anna Summer is a 45-year-old executive who leads the sales team for a large international food company. To Anna, accumulating wealth, being recognized professionally, and being viewed as financially successful are essential to her persona. She has ambitious financial goals and a robust lifestyle she would like to maintain. When she first encountered a financial advisor years ago, Anna communicated these motivations to the advisor and asked, as part of her financial planning, to maintain her quality of life. Anna did admit that her competitive drive has become relentless now that she has found her passions in business and life.

The question is: How much money is enough for Anna’s aggressive outlook? Perhaps the answer revealed itself after a recent health wellness checkup. Her results were outstanding, and her doctor, in jest, said she could expect to live well over 100 years! Later the same day, Anna conducted a quick financial calculation and realized if that assessment were to become a reality and she lived into her 90s, she would not have sufficient savings and investments to maintain her ambitious lifestyle.

Bridge the Behavioral Performance Disparity

Not long thereafter, Anna sought out her financial advisor with her concerns. She wasn’t looking for a passive listener. She wanted to act—and quickly—to reduce her longevity risk. Fortunately, her advisor utilizes the DNA Natural Behavior Discovery Process with clients to increase behavioral awareness. The advisor knew Anna’s DNA Style is an “Influencer” with a strong pioneering trait to achieve (someone who likes to stretch boundaries) but also can be a high spender. Her advisor saw this as an opportunity to introduce her to Money Energy. Anna needed to tap into its power and capacity to generate more wealth so it could become a stored force, releasable later in her life.

Anna continues to develop healthy body and mental habits, but in terms of investments, there may be further opportunities to generate wealth. Referring to Anna’s financial planning performance and risk factors, they discussed ways to reduce behavioral risks and possible actions to enhance her Money Energy potential. The assessment showed several opportunities to reduce her behavioral performance gap, which led to an improved quality of life.

Performance risks include:

  • Propensity to take inappropriate chances
  • Overly ambitious goals
  • Tendency to be financially disorganized
  • High desire to spend
  • Lack of attention to detail
  • Taking control of decision-making

Performance success factor strengths include:

  • Risk tolerance
  • Bottom line results focused
  • Pursues goals

The advisor explained how the potential level of Money Energy available comes from holistically:

  • Integrating DNA Natural Behavior and Learned Financial Behavior into all areas of one’s life
  • Connecting her behavioral identity with her ability to build a relationship with money
  • Compounding and strengthening the number of opportunities she can produce and sustain

After addressing behavioral performance gaps and improving her alignment with her Money Energy Potential, Anna became more closely aligned with her financial and physical well-being. She now welcomes the thought of living well beyond age 100.

What about you? Is your Money Energy potential high enough to financially maintain your lifestyle for many years to come?

[1] Maranjian, Selena. Here's the Average Length of Retirement. Will Your Money Last That Long? Motley Fool. February 24, 2018

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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