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SGX: Propelling Exchanges and Creating New Capital Markets

How does SGX power their vertically integrated, multi asset class exchange?

Technology powers Singapore Exchange’s (SGX) vertically integrated, multi-asset class global exchange, and it will be fundamental in creating the capital markets of tomorrow that will better serve customers.

SGX teamed up with Nasdaq over a decade ago, using Nasdaq’s market technology to not only run its exchange but to also create new opportunities through products or services, such as a blockchain collaboration.

“Technology is no longer separated from business – it is the business,” said Tinku Gupta, executive vice president and head of technology at SGX. “We have been using the technology of Nasdaq in creating our markets, which is very mission critical with zero tolerance for failures, and at the same time, we are looking at innovation.”

Technology has not only provided SGX with strategic advantages, but it has also helped shape the broader global capital markets, from electronic stock markets to blockchain-based trading platforms. But as consumers become increasingly dependent on technology, corporations will have to evolve along with the advancements in the industry.

"We are talking about smarter nations, smarter customers, more inclusion, smarter corporations, so there is so much that has to happen around reinventing your business" to address the needs of the customers, Gupta said.

When considering ways to rewrite tomorrow’s markets, Gupta stressed the importance of understanding “what role technology plays in making sure that we create an inclusive environment.”

“If you think about it, some of our younger colleagues, when their kids will go to school, they will probably say, ‘A for AI, B for Blockchain, C for cloud,’ so we have to be prepared for those future customers,” Gupta said.

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