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By SA Editor Eric Jhonsa :

Starting today, we are extending Seeking Alpha's news and opinion coverage universe to all privately-owned, VC-backed, tech companies featuring valuations of $1B or more - the proverbial unicorns.

As many tech investors know, the financing landscape for younger tech companies has changed immensely since the days of the bubble, when nearly every hot startup with a bit of revenue and something resembling a business model rushed to go public, where public investors happily bid up their shares to valuations far above what VCs paid.

Today, whether due to Sarbanes-Oxley, the growth of non-traditional private tech investors such as hedge funds, a more hard-headed approach by public investors to valuing younger tech companies relative to some private investors, or some combination thereof, fast-growing tech firms are able and willing to stay private for a much longer time than they once did.

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Source: Renaissance Capital

Combined with a multi-year tech boom which has led to the birth of well over a billion smartphone users, and during which mobile app and cloud platforms have helped companies scale at a much faster pace than they could have a short while ago, the number of non-public tech companies valued at over $1B has exploded - so much so that referring to one as a unicorn (a rare, fabled, beast of myth) might now be questionable.

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Regardless, given the strong interest among many public investors in these companies, their importance as partners and competitors to many publicly-traded tech firms, and the fact that many of them will no doubt eventually go public (former unicorns that have pulled the trigger this year include Square, Box, Etsy, and most recently Atlassian), we think the time is right to officially add unicorns to our coverage.

Seeking Alpha has already been providing coverage for some of the most valuable and high-profile unicorns, such as Uber (UBER) and Airbnb (AIRB). And we've long provided pre-IPO coverage for companies that have filed to go public. But now, over 100 tech unicorns will have placeholder ticker symbols on Seeking Alpha - which we expect will quickly be populated by our outstanding contributor network, and our in-house Breaking News team.

The list includes well-known names with lofty valuations, such as Pinterest, Snapchat, Dropbox, Xiaomi, and Spotify. But it also includes many sub-$5B names that get limited coverage in the financial press, yet have made a big splash in the consumer and/or enterprise tech worlds, and can't be ignored by industry giants. This group includes the likes of Evernote, Docker, Slack, DocuSign, and Unicorns shaking up other industries, such as SpaceX, Theranos, BuzzFeed, Social Finance, and Bloom Energy, are also now covered.

As with publicly-traded firms, readers can find news and opinion articles for tech unicorns by searching for them on Seeking Alpha's site and mobile apps. You can also sign up for real-time alerts to be notified when fresh news or commentary regarding a company of interest is published.

Below is the full unicorn list. If you feel we've left something out, please let us know using . We hope you find the "Unicorn Exchange" helpful and insightful.

Company Placeholder Symbol
23andMe [[DNA]]
Actifio [[ACTIF]]
Adyen [[ADYEN]]
Airbnb [[AIRB]]
AppDirect [[APPD]]
AppDynamics [[APDYN]]
Appnexus [[APPN]]
Apttus [[APTUS]]
Apus Group [[APUS]]
Auto1 Group [[AUTOO]]
Automattic [[MATIC]]
Avant [[AVNAT]]
AVAST Software [[AVST]]
BeiBei [[BEI]]
BlaBlaCar [[BBCAR]]
Bloom Energy [[BLOOM]]
Blue Apron [[APRON]]
Buzzfeed [[BUZZ]]
Carbon3D [[CARBD]]
China Rapid Finance [[CHRF]]
Cloudera [[CLOUD]]
CloudFlare [[FLARE]]
ContextLogic [[CONLO]]
Coupa Software [[CSOFT]]
Coupang [[CUPN]]
Credit Karma [[KARMA]]
Datto [[DATO]]
Decolar [[DCLR]]
Deem [[DEEM]]
Delivery Hero [[DHERO]]
Dianping [[DPING]]
Didi Kuaidi [[DIDI]]
DJI Innovations [[DJI]]
Docker [[DOCKR]]
DocuSign [[ESIGN]]
Domo Technologies [[DOMO]]
DraftKings [[DRAFT]]
Dropbox [[DROPB]] [[ELEME]]
Eventbrite [[EBTE]]
Evernote [[NOTE]]
Fanatics [[FANA]]
Fanduel [[DUEL]]
Fanli [[FANLI]]
Farfetch [[FARF]]
Flipkart [[FPKT]]
Funding Circle [[FCLE]]
Gilt Groupe [[GILTG]]
Github [[GIT]]
Global Fashion Group [[GFG]]
GrabTaxi [[GRAB]]
GuaHao [[GHAO]]
Hellofresh [[FRESH]]
Home24 [[HOUSE]]
Hootsuite [[HOOT]]
Houzz [[HOUZ]]
Illumio [[ILLM]]
Infinidat [[IDAT]]
InMobi [[IMOBI]] [[ISALE]]
Instacart [[ICART]]
Intarcia Therapeutics [[INTRA]]
ironSource [[IRSO]] [[IWJW]]
Jasper Technologies [[JTECH]]
Jawbone [[JAW]] [[JET]]
JustFab [[JFAB]]
Kabam [[KABAM]]
Kabbage [[KBGE]]
Kik Interactive [[KIKI]]
Klarna [[KLAR]]
Koudai Gouwu [[KOGO]]
Lazada [[LZDA]]
Legendary Entertainment [[LENT]]
Lookout [[LOUT]]
Lufax [[LFAX]]
Lyft [[LYFT]]
Magic Leap [[MLEAP]]
MarkLogic [[MLOGC]]
Medallia [[MEDAL]]
Meituan-Dianping [[MEIT]]
Moderna [[MODNA]]
Mogujie [[MOGU]]
MongoDB [[MONGO]]
Mozido [[MOZI]]
Mu Sigma [[MUSIG]]
MuleSoft [[MULE]]
NantHealth [[NANT]]
Nextdoor [[NDOOR]]
Nutanix [[NUTA]]
Okta [[OKTA]]
Olacabs [[OLAC]]
One97 Communications [[ONSC]]
Oscar Health Insurance Co. [[OSCAR]]
Palantir Technologies [[PALAN]]
Panshi [[PANS]]
Pinterest [[PINIT]]
Pluralsight [[PLUR]]
POWA Technologies [[POWA]]
Prosper Marketplace [[PRMA]]
Proteus Digital Health [[PRDI]]
Qualtrics [[QTIC]]
Quikr [[QUKR]]
Razer [[RAZR]]
Shazam [[SHZM]]
SimpliVity [[SIMP]]
Slack Technologies [[SLACK]]
Snapchat [[CHAT]]
Snapdeal [[DEALS]]
Social Finance [[SOFI]]
SpaceX [[SPACE]]
Spotify [[MUSIC]]
Sprinklr [[SPNK]]
Stemcentrx [[STEMC]]
Stripe [[STRIP]]
SurveyMonkey [[SURVY]]
TangoMe [[TANGO]]
Tanium [[TANM]]
The Honest Company [[HNST]]
Theranos [[THER]]
Thumbtack [[TACK]]
TransferWise [[TWISE]]
Trendy Group International [[TRGR]]
Tujia [[TUJIA]]
TutorGroup [[TUTOR]]
Twilio [[TWILO]]
Uber [[UBER]]
Ucar Group [[UCAR]]
Udacity [[UCITY]]
Uptake [[UTAKE]]
Vice Media [[VICE]]
Vox Media [[VOXM]]
Warby Parker [[WAPA]]
WeWork [[VWORK]]
Xiaomi [[XI]]
Xuanyixia [[XUAN]]
Yello Mobile [[YMOBI]]
Zenefits [[ZFIT]]
Zeta Interactive [[ZETA]]
Zocdoc [[ZDOC]]
Zomato Media [[FOOD]]
Zscaler [[SCALE]]

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The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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