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Schwab and TDA are Now One, RIAs Look Out

Schwab and TDA are Now One, RIAs Look Out

(New York)

Well it took seemingly forever, but it finally just happened—the merger of Schwab and TD Ameritrade has just closed after a lengthy process. It will take 2-3 years for the operational end of the two custodians to become integrated, but in a corporate sense, they are united. The deal has made many RIAs, particularly those on the smaller end, nervous. TD Ameritrade was known for its excellent service of smaller RIAs, whereas Schwab was known for the opposite. Accordingly, many fear that under the new Schwab-led company, smaller RIAs might be forgotten. The combined entity now controls 51% of the RIA market with more than $2 tn in assets.

FINSUM: This is quite concerning for smaller RIAs, many of whom are thinking of switching to Fidelity or smaller rivals. Also of note, Schwab has not formally announced what they are going to do with TDA’s Veo One platform.

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